Come One! Come All Commaful!!!
Come One! Come All Commaful!!! commaful stories

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The best group on Commaful...we will make it great again!!✋✊✋✊✋✊✋

Come One! Come All Commaful!!!

Me and @sanstehperson have Extreme news!!

We have created a new group...we are called...

# MCGA!!!

We will make Commaful great again. Together we will spark the light that will make other people see Commaful not just as a storytelling website but... A place to become who you are and make new friends!! Together my fellow Commaful members, we will spread word of our group and make posts of

Commaful and bring our voices and stories to life! We will make Commaful a place to bring joy and happiness to evryone!! I'm Storyteller567, I joined because I want to become an author and write stories to make people happy. I joined because I want other people to join Commaful as well! I may not have lots of followers...

But I have best friends like @sanstehperson😎 @Shadowdream✌ @White_Candy❤ @ Kakashi Clan And...all my followers as well! #MCGA is about making Commaful great again... And me and Sans are working together to make Commaful... great again!

So what do you say fellow Commaful member... Are You In?

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