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Don't always judge a demon by it's cover

In the shadows

There is was, Staring at me through the shadows. Its eyes immolating a Reddish glow that i could only describe as

crimson hellfire staring into my soul. its Void like body jiggling like thick oil or black gelatin. It smiles

at me in a way that a cat smiles at you when it's energetic and playful, as if it's saying to me directly, play with me!

As i shake my head no, for fear of what type of game it wants me to play, It's expression went from one of joyous to one of anger.

It then started to angrily bounce it's way towards me, almost like an aggressive ball that it's owner had forgotten for years and wanted revenge for being abandoned.

As it crawled onto my nightstand next to my bed, All i could think about is what kind of damage can this thing do.

Just then it stared at me again, And once again gave me that smile of playfulness. "What did this demon want?" i wondered.

As i pondered, the creature took a long stretchy part of its body and wrapped around my hand and started pulling me towards it .

I was startled to the point where i tried to pull my hand back, but to no use, This thing had a vise grip. soon my hand touched the top of it's head.

The Creature made a face of glee as it begin to sway my head back in forth on its head. It then began to purr with soothing delight as my hand patted it's head.

It then became clear that this creature did not want harm, it just wanted head pats. i smiled at it and willingly started to pat its head, Much to its delight.

Once a few minutes passed, the creature plopped off the nightstand and bounced it's way back into the shadows, but not before looking back at me and smiling.

After that day, i never saw it again. It makes me sad. It was one of the calmer demons that haunted me every night.

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