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Shoutout special! Try to write a story surrounding our theme :)

Write It! : APRIL

Welcome to "Write It!"! Want to increase your chances of having your story shouted out by us?

Every now and then, we will have a theme/prompt/trope for you writers out there that spans throughout the month. Write a story surrounding the theme and increase your chances of it being shouted out. You can call it a Shoutout Special!

This is not a contest. This is not a challenge. You are not competing against anyone. If you write a story surrounding our theme, we will look at it and try to give it a shoutout in that month.

Rules: 1. It has to be a story. 2. It has to match our monthly theme overall. Not just a little. 3. It has to have a plot (stories have a beginning, middle, and end). 4. New pieces only.

5. Unlimited words and pictures Fanfiction allowed (state where it is from in description). It can be a series/multi-chapter story, however, we will only read/shoutout the FIRST chapter (it has the theme). *Please do not use our special tag for the whole series.

6. Original work only. 7. Collabs allowed (up to 3 people) *Max two themed stories per person can be shouted out in that month.

Not too bad right? We will still shout out a variety of stories during the month. Following the theme just increases your chances of having a story shouted out.

In a way, these are like free shoutouts. Your work will be seen by our Storyland "residents". That means if you choose to submit something, you want to be proud of it. This represents you as a writer.

Do your best and remember that we will have more of these. No pressure to submit something. No rush to just get your name out there <3.

So what is the month of April about?


Reunion (n): an instance of two or more people coming together again after a period of separation. Write a story about a reunion. Need some tips? Ask yourself these questions --->

1. Who is reuniting? (i.e. childhood friends, highschool sweethearts, enemies, etc.) 2. Did this reunion happen on purpose or an accident? Was destiny involved? 3. Where are they reuniting? 4. What happens when they do? Do they travel together? Battle a monster? Etc.

5. Reunions bring all sorts of emotions sometimes. How do these people feel when they see each other? This is more about the reunion itself than the build up. In other words you don't want over half of your story being about the feelings of potentially seeing someone again and then the last little bit being the actual reunion.

Submit your story by tagging it with "storylandwrites". We will only look at stories under that tag for "Write It!" Ends: April 28th

Good luck! We can't wait to read them! If you know someone who might be interested in doing this, please let them know or give this post a shoutout. This is a great opportunity for story writers :D.

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