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The simple secrets, tips, and guide to being a great Tumblr girl!

How to be a Tumblr Girl

1. Tumblr girls are very stylish, so get your style on!

Go shopping and take lots of photos while shopping! Find your own unique style and be colorful!

Try shopping in less conventional places. Thrifting is always a good call.

Read fashion blogs to see what's on trend and what is up and coming. You need to be on top of it!

Makeup should be only in the eye area. Don't over do it!

Try changing up your hairstyle and see what works best for you and your audience!

2. Take amazing photos

The photos don't always have to be of you, but they have to be very high quality

If you don't have a nice camera or photoshop, don't fret!

Look at some tutorials about how to take great smartphone photographs. You'll be surprised by what an iPhone can do!

You can use something like GIMP, Pixlr, or even basic photo filter apps to get the coloring and look right.

3. Growing your Tumblr

Post consistently and interact with other bloggers. It helps to know people with larger blogs. Don't JUST post photos. Also intersperse quotes, stories, reblogs, etc.

A lot of big blogs actually share a lot of stories from this site or write stories here to make their blogs more interesting.

Just be nice to people and share interesting things and your blog will grow! This takes time so you have to be patient!

4. Promote your Tumblr on other sites

Link to it on your Facebook and Twitter and Commaful. Get your friends to follow you. This will give you the initial starting block needed to grow on Tumblr.

5. Do fun things

You won't have great photos and stories to post on Commaful and Tumblr unless you're doing interesting things! So go do interesting things, go on adventures, hang out with friends.

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