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Small town Montana girl, Charlotte Johnson, moves to Chicago for college at DuPoint Dance Academy. She ends up falling for Noah Colmes, a city boy, who also attends the college for dance. Charlotte soon finds out that her college life may end up being harder than she thought it would be. Mia, the daughter of the dance academy's director, is also has an interest for Noah and sees Charlotte as competition. Will Charlotte move back to her small town or will she stay and fight for her place at the academy ...and for Noah?

Dance with Me: In the City

This is being made into a much shorter version to a bigger (unfinished story) I have written.

Rundown of characters: Main girl - Charlotte "Char" Johnson Main guy - Noah Colmes Friends - Olivia Brown and Stella "Stell" "Stelz" Davis Antagonist and dance director's daughter - Mia Cunningham Friends of Mia - Sarah Evans and Erin Richards

I walk out of my hotel in downtown Chicago with headphones blasting San Cisco in my ears. My dance bag is slung around my shoulders and I feel ready to nail my dance auditions. I am auditioning to get into the best dance academy Chicago has, DuPoint Dance Academy.

I honestly have no idea where I am going since this is my first time in a huge city... much less anywhere that isn't Ennis, Montana. I have the directions in my hand but after a few blocks I can finally see a tall building ahead that says "DuPoint Dance Academy" in big bold letters. It's glorious.

I'm still waiting for the crossing signal to turn to WALK when I suddenly hear a muffled voice next to me. I take out my headphones and realize some guy is talking to me. I barley turn to him and say, "what?" "Do you know where you're going? You seemed a little lost. This city can be confusing sometimes. I can help you find where you need to go."

"No, thanks," I say shortly and put my headphones back in. I'm not sure why I was offended by that comment but I was. Finally the walk signal turns to WALK. I walk away from that guy as fast as I can. He just seemed kinda cocky and sure of himself. I don't even quite remember what he looks like because I didn't even really look at him.

I get to the building and go straight to the second floor, where the try outs are being held. I see a group of about 60 people warming up outside of the audition room in their ballet attire and dance sweats. I rush to the bathroom to change. I put my tights, leotard and dance shorts on.

I put my blonde hair up into a tight bun. I get about 20 mins of stretch and warm up time before the dance director comes out. “Okay, everyone. Thank you for being here on day two of our audition days. My name is Ava Cunningham and I am the director of the dance programs here at DuPoint Dance Academy. As you know, these auditions won’t be easy.

People will get cut and you’re more than welcome to try out again next year. We will be starting off by separating people into groups and giving out numbers. I have my daughter Mia, who is a second year dance major, and two other second year dance majors here to help out, Sarah Evans and Erin Richards.

Mia, Sarah, and Erin will be around to pass out your numbers and then numbers 1-10, join me in the audition room. We will do some across the floors and then you will learn a quick dance routine.”

Erin, a short girl around 5'4 with brown hair comes around and hands me my number. Number 10. "Here goes nothing," I breathe to myself as I enter the room. ------Dance auditions in longer version------

"Thanks again for your cooperation today. We will be giving out these cards," Ava says holding up a stack of white and pink colored index shaped cards. "Based on if you have made it or not. White cards, unfortunately, you will not be joining us this academic year. Pink cards, we will be seeing you back here in two weeks! Mia, Erin, Sarah, go ahead and pass out the cards that are labeled the names.”

It seemed like forever but finally Sarah handed me a rosy pink card. "Congrats, Charlotte," Sarah said reading the card. I smile at her and was getting ready to say thanks, when I hear a voice next to her say, "yeah, congrats." I look next to Sarah and it's Mia rolling her eyes at me.

"I guess we are just taking anyone now." She looks over at the girl next to me, "Sorry, not this year girl," and hands her a white card before turning around and walking away. Sarah just shrugs at me and gives me a half smile before she too, turns around and leaves. It doesn't bother me. Nothing could at this moment. I just got into my dream school!

I gather my things and start to walk out of the room when I bumped right into a tall man with brown hair and olive skin. He turns around and has this beautiful smile. His dark eye starring into mine. "Hey! It's you again!" "excuse me?" I say. "Looks like you found the building okay." "huh?" I say, now sounding even more confused.

"You can't tell me you already forgot who I am. You just talked to me like three hours ago!" I then realize who it is. "Sidewalk guy? "is that my new name now? Can't say I hate it," he says with a laugh. "My actual name is Noah but if sidewalk guy is easier to remember, I'll take it.

"His smile brightens up his whole face. I chuckle, "Sorry. My name is Charlotte but you can call me Char." "I see you made it into the school. Congrats!" "Noah!!!" A woman calls out. He turns his head and gives a head nod to the woman, who is standing nearby crossing her arms and looking annoyed.

"Well, it looks like I'll be seeing you around, Char," he says with a wink, showing me his rosy card congratulating him into the academy. I watch as he turns and walks away to the woman that was calling his name.

-------more to come-----

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