“Please Don’t Enter” A short story.
“Please Don’t Enter”

A short story.
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Things in nature have a way of warning us of danger. But sometimes beauty is too hard to resist.

“Please Don’t Enter” A short story.

I had never fallen from a hunting perch before. Very stupid of me, I know better than to stare. The pain was unbearable, I could barely get up. Your beauty was ten-fold with the sunset behind you. I was going to be fine. Probably. The was no hiding how much pain I was in. You had noticed me exiting my home once or twice. I noticed you too, how could I not. You’re a curious one.

You asked so many questions as you helped me limp back home. I still couldn’t walk on my own. You asked about Bob the teacher, Edwin the cable guy and Tamara the store clerk. As we drew closer to my home I pushed you away. But your generosity knows no end. You are persistent, and I should’ve locked my door. There was still time. Part of me wanted you to enter my home, most of me didn’t.

I was already inside my own home, I didn’t need to lay down. I made it very clear. You are a curious one. With your hand on the bedroom’s door as implored you, please don’t enter. There is no going back now. I feel the soothing darkness of the night washing over me. It’s too late, there’s nothing I can say. I feel better now. Nothing to say about Bob, the rapist, Edwin, the serial killer, or Tamara, the black widow.

You saw their bodies laying there, lifeless. The lack of a bed, and my sleeping box in its place. I know my fangs are frightening. My nails are long and sharp. You can’t leave now. I asked you not to enter. Please stop screaming. These walls and windows are sound proof. Bob’s knife won’t help you but you may try if it makes you feel better. Even if you did pierce my heart, that won’t kill my kind.

Look into my eyes. Your skin is so soft. Your hair smells so good. You taste so sweet.

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