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When I'm Gone

by stony

One Day, I'll be Dead.

And on That Day, I'll Ask Myself:

"Did I Really Live?"

Did I Ride the Open Road?

Did I Fall In Love?

Was it a Great Fall, Fast, Hard, Intense and Strong? And When it Was Over, Were we Gone Our Separate Ways By Morning Day?

Did I Hold Up in the Air

Not my Middle Finger But Another Girl's Hand War Paint on my Face As I Shouted for Peace? And Demanded Freedom?

Did I Scream My Name

To the Mountains on the Horizons, Just Because I Could and There was no one to Stop me?

Did I Feel

Something in my Chest? A Pounding, a Drive, a Burning Fire? Did it Take my Breath Away, And Fill my Lungs at the Same Time?

Did I Write A Story

With Twists and Turns One That Would be an Example Of Exactly What You Shouldn't do, But in a way, Absolutely Needed to do.

Did I Come to Love The World?

And Make it My Own?

Or Did it Own me?

Did I Turn Bitter and Broken, at a Desk from Nine to Five Dreams Tossed Aside Forgotten?

There Will Come a Day, When I am Gone.

And on That Day, I Will Look Back and Smile. For I Will Have Lived.

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