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stfukateyI am a tiny person who writes big words
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So this is pretty much the first short fiction story I ever wrote (I usually just write poetry). I wrote it last year in creative writing, and I am super proud of it. It just combines my love for fantasy and magic with my love for nature. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

Aurora Borealis

by stfukatey

Alaska, 14,000 BC

Aurora treaded across the dark frozen earth, her bare feet aching as the virgin snow slowly became stained crimson with each step she took.

Her silver hair whipped around violently as a harsh below zero wind blew, the metallic tones shining brightly against the dark void which her people had named 'Adlartok'- the sky.

She wanted to stop walking.

She wanted to stop so badly but she had to reach her destination. She had to give her people her light. Suddenly, Aurora felt herself slip, falling to the icy tundra below her.

Her eyes widened as she stared at the ground, a soft glow illuminating her face through the ice below. She had made it.

Taking a deep breath, she braced herself.

Eyes shut tight, she knew what she had to do. Year after year she had watched her sisters depart on this very journey.

Year after year, her ancestors had built her home, and it now came to be her turn. Inhaling deeply, she savored her last breath of frozen air before sinking her palms firmly into the glowing ice.

Immediately, she heard the ice begin to crack.

Her hands began to freeze first, up her arms, through her legs- everywhere. Gasping, her eyes snapped open as she watched her body freeze over, feeling the ice up her neck now.

Taking one last look at the frozen land she had called home for all her life, Aurora was not scared. Perfectly at peace, her vision dimmed as the ice froze around her emerald green eyes.

Darkness followed and then- silence.

In that moment, not a sound occurred. Even the always howling wind was smothered by the sheer sound of silence.

Her body, frozen solid, stood as an elegant ice sculpture.

Her delicate feature that were once warm and soft were now frosted over, though just as delicate, the ice intricately sculpted, seemingly perfect.

However, the perfection was soon altered when a large crack split across Aurora’s frozen face. The ice continued to split, the sound like breaking bones deafening in the once silent night.

All at once, the ground began to shake and the wind began to howl once more- louder than ever before.

This is the moment in which the once perfect sculpture shattered. She shattered into such fine pieces that the wind swept her up to the heavens.

Every bit of Aurora that was once a beautiful part of a single person now melded with the sky, adding such incomprehensible beauty to the universe.

Her wild silver hair filled the once dark sky with trillions of brilliant stars.

Her china doll skin formed a radiant full moon, her light shining upon every part of her beautiful frozen home.

Her emerald green eyes exploded across the sky,

followed by the brilliant violets and blues of her soul.

Aurora had given light to the once dark void.

. It was a light so spectacular, so heaven sent, that only Aurora could provide. Her people knew this, knew that only she could gift them with such beauty.

They called her gift the Aurora Borealis,

their northern light.

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