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In the midst of sadness, find your inner strength


I used to be afraid

of the jokes you made

it made me so sad

thinking of the power you had

I covered my face

stayed in a quiet place

but I guess you were on the hunt

especially in front of everyone

but as time goes by

and as the two of us grow

I see my maturity is sky high

while yours hangs so low

I was flexing my muscles

as I ignored your dark words

and you let your insecurity coddle you

giving in to the hurt

Now it makes me smile

that which I didn't, but you always knew

but I know it now

I am stronger than you.

Though I may feel pain

I still refrain

though anger surges through

it's control I pursue

while you were the one who stripped me bare

between the two of us you were the one who was scared

although it took some time

I know what is mine

you can take the easy road

while I carry the heavy load

There is power in these tears

and power in this pain

what small losses I must accept

will be the war I shall gain

because like the Mona Lisa

I carry a quiet smile

a quiet confidence

that remains all the while

because my portrait sits level

while yours hangs askew

and I don't even need to gloat,

because I was I am and will always be stronger than you.

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