Self Conscious By Stevie Blue
Self Conscious 

By Stevie Blue insecure stories

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Sometimes we feel like our flaws are ten times bigger than they really are. Don't worry SMILE, cos you're beautiful

Self Conscious By Stevie Blue

As I was walking down the street trying to be okay

I saw girl look strangely at me, and there was something I just had to say

I had to say it, cos I'm just so sick, of everyone making me feel strange

I try so hard just to fit in and here we go again!

I said....

Tell me what it is, that makes you have to stare

In fact don't even bother, cos I already know its my hair

I tried a new style and it turned out a complete NO

even though I followed to a T the girl in the YouTube video.

Oh wait it's my make up right,

looks absolutely awful in natural light

Or it's this zit isn't it, I've been trying to hide

the one on my chin that's making your eyes go so wide

No I bet it's this outfit, I'm totally overdressed

plus the skirt and shirt don't match, I know I look a mess

these shoes are scuffed and old and trash

actually I bet your looking at my legs and this shaving rash

you don't need to say, I know what it is

my fat hanging over my skirt, I look like a pig

I feel so bloated, and even when I suck it in

it makes no difference cos I'll never look thin

Yes I plucked my eyebrows and they turned out weird

I've got such discolouration on my face I bet you thought I had a beard

just tell me what it is ! Why were you looking this way?!

Then behind me I heard someone say ' hi Becky'

and the girl replied. 'hey' The End

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