I let you buy me a drink, but I owe you nothing, By Stevie Blue

I let you buy me a drink, but I owe you nothing, 

By Stevie Blue
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Ladies don't feel pressured, they're owed nothing!

I let you buy me a drink, but I owe you nothing, By Stevie Blue

I went to the club to have a good time

Dance with my girls, drink a couple glasses of wine

I didn't go there, looking for love

What am I 18? you wont find that in the club!

I was minding my own business when you came along

You're lucky I didn't cuss you out for interrupting my favourite song

YOU were the one who offered to buy me a shot

In fact you offered a round for my girls too, and we thought why not?

So I kindly accepted, I guess you seemed nice

Perhaps not all guys have ill intentions, this one might be alright.

We had some good convo, you seemed actually kind of sweet

So then why did it all change when I didn't let you kiss me?

You kept lingering around all up in my personal space

You kept tryna pull me in closer, like dude get up out of my face

You thought I'd be easy I guess, but so sorry I am not the one

You thought the drink would loosen my legs, but instead it loosened my tongue

Yea you bought me a drink, thanks, but that doesn't mean a thing

That's why if you'll look at my ring finger, its oh yes minus a RING!

You got all bitter and tried to make a fool out of me

Bro, you're drunk desperate and clearly horny

And that ain't a good combination, not flattering at all

If the club had a vagina you'd probably have sex with the wall

So don't whine and complain, as if I lead you on

You sound like a broken record, and I didn't come to the club for this song

Dude I owe you nothing, so if you want to bitch, then you should probably just go home

Cos if I wanted to converse with a pussy all night I could have just talked to my own. The End.

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