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Peeling back some of the layers of my life.

The Onion

By Profe Steve

I saw another writer on here that had done this and I liked the idea. I'm going to use this to peel away a few of the layers that are my nature. Don't worry, there are many more layers underneath.

I'm 63, or will be in a few days.

I teach Spanish and ESL to kids from 5th grade to 11th grade in San Saba, a small town in central Texas.

I have coached six-man football.

As well as track and basketball.

I've been married for 25 years to my best friend Margie.

I have 4 children and 3 step children.

They are as crazy as I am.

One of my step daughters and 4 of my 15 grandkids.

Twin granddaughters! I even have a poem about them here.

And even a great-granddaughter!

I love baking with my grands.

I love to travel. This is Chichén Itzá

I love cats. No, this isn't mine. I stole the picture.

I love cosplay. Yes, I am wearing a tiara!

One of my biggest thrills: meeting author Brandon Sanderson.

And artist Ariel Burgess.

Writing partner Haley, with whom I wrote a novel-length fanfic a couple of years ago.

Crazy cosplay friends! Anthony

And Ebony


The charms on my vest represent the character in my books.

I love my collection of hats.

I started writing in 2014 and have finished first drafts of 4 epic-length novels, totaling 700,000 words. I have also done about 125 poems and 40 or so short stories. I am currently working on the third draft of book one and hope to be ready to publish in a few months.

My mom, my biggest fan and supporter. She encouraged me to read everything I could get my hands on.

So that was a little bit of my life. I hope you found it interesting.

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