The Nest
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stevewaldropStoryteller, Poet
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The Nest

by stevewaldrop

The flutter of tender wings stir the evening mist, She circles twice above her nest. Weary. Solitary. Whisper in the gloaming.

Darkness creeps like silent fog. Peace has kissed Her eyelids with susurrations of rest. Home. Safe. Heart no longer roaming.

Cricket song calls out to winking star, Come shed your unearthly light. Hush. Repose. Time for slumber sweet.

Voice of the patient hunter calls out from afar To wake the denizens of the night. Safe. Secure. She fears not stealthy feet.

Cocooned snugly in the pleasant warmth of home In ease she shuts her eyes. Rest. Renew. All her labors done.

Her beating heart slows as she lets her spirit roam To far off lands and trackless skies, Soaring. Yearning. Til the rising of the sun

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