The Knight
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stevewaldrop We're all stories in the end...
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"Perhaps the greatest madness of all is to see the world as it is and not as it should be." -Miguel de Cervantes
I am Quixote.

The Knight

by stevewaldrop

The knight doth mount his weary steed

With broken lance and rusty blade,

Seeking one who must be freed,

And hasting fly unto her aid.

Though battered sore may be his helm

And dusty be his raiment,

No foe shall ever overwhelm,

Nor e'er ask he for payment.

He strives alone to right the wrongs

Committed ever on the weak.

He asks not glory, needs no songs

Never fleeting fame doth seek.

Arriving like a wandering wraith,

So likewise doth he questing go,

In Dulcinea ‘bides his faith,

And on her all his heart bestow.

So though his path is ever long,

Neath burning sun or frosty night,

Upon his lips doth dwell the song

Of hope to stand up for the right.

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