The Day the Giant Fell
The Day the Giant Fell pride stories

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A poem of waste and destruction.

The Day the Giant Fell

By Profe Steve

The stars crashed down the day the giant fell, The mountains trembled and the thunder rolled.

Bells clanged out a fearsome deathly knell Dirges bitterly and sorrowfully tolled.


Morning weeps And madness leaps Through shattered chaos, all now lost.

Moonlight cries And doleful flies, But none are left to count the cost.


Feral beasts upon the fields, fearful cease their cries, Within the gilded cage of woven silken tears,

Hearts lost in time and space longing search the skies, Bursting hope they hopeless long across the bitter years.


Ended now Their faces bow As silent falls the salty rain,

Fingers weak They cannot speak Nor utter yet their pain.


And roaring brave, with ne’er a thought They proudly strode before the gates of hell,

Fearing not what they had wrought: A shattered world the day the giant fell.

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