#203: Spreading Ripples
#203: Spreading Ripples grief stories

stevewaldrop We're all stories in the end...
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Working through grief is a process, but it does work.

#203: Spreading Ripples

by Profe Steve

Sunbeams dance on the concentric ripples As they silent spread out into the distance.

Moment by moment they grow smaller As the moonlight peepers lull me into a trance.

I draw a deep breath into my nose But the tightness has faded from my chest

As her memory faded from my thoughts Unwillingly, but at her behest.

She came to me in the midnight, Whispering softly on the breeze

Assurances of her love, now sundered, That had driven me to my knees.

The wave of ache has begun to recede Carried along on the ebbing tide,

The memory of her arms remains And in it I shall ever hide.

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