Remembered Arms
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Trapped in a maze within a silent tomb. Terza Rima style

Remembered Arms

by Profe Steve

Feet leaden as I stumble in the gloom, Soul crying the tears that my eyes can’t shed. Trapped inside a maze within a silent tomb,

Splash on my heart’s floor, flood of bitter red. Seconds tick off one by one, metronome That keeps time with my hollow footstep’s tread.

Castle warm becomes my prison home. I draw a shudd’ring breath into my burning chest, As fingers claw against the bars of chrome.

Pray only for a brief release; for rest, I bitter know shall ever be denied. Scalded gaze to where she made her nest.

O that from this dark I someday find a guide. A candle flame to shine upon far shore, To sail the ocean of the tears I’ve cried.

Til far away across the misted moor, Remembered arms come lead me to the door. ^-.-^

*** Afterword: This sounds like I'm depressed, but I'm not. Just weary from the grind of the last few weeks. Good news: I have a week off starting this afternoon!

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