"It's Complicated"
"It's Complicated" missing-you stories

stevewaldropStoryteller inkitt.com
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For a friend who no longer responds to messages. It's complicated.

"It's Complicated"

by stevewaldrop

Your silence weighs on my mind, on my heart,

And the days flow softly into weeks.

How long now since we’ve been apart?

Saltiness seeps silently down my cheeks.

You say you still want me as a friend,

You say you miss me too,

So I will smile and just pretend,

That what you say is true.

The sunsets we shared no longer appeal,

Without your hand to hold.

Naught can my poor soul anneal,

The winter winds now bluster cold.

Barren, empty sands have now become my road,

No beauty hold the blooming flowers,

How can I ever bear this load,

Or face the dark and empty hours?

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