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It was the light in your eyes that made my heart race.

It is the Light

By Profe Steve

It was the light in your soft brown eyes As your breath tickled my face

That bore my soul unto the skies And made my heartbeat race.

It was the sunlight sparkling in your hair As we walked together in the sand,

In conversation souls laid bare While I gently clasped your tender hand.

It is the pale ghostly fall of moonlight That painted shadows on your skin,

And makes my thoughts take flight, In memories of love you live again.

Your soul has flown to join the light, And took from me love’s tender spark.

To bear alone until I take flight, I must abide here in the dark.

***** Note: I'm not depressed. I meant this to be so uplifting, but poetry is a living thing and will come out how it will. SW

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