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A lighthearted, ridiculous look at my personality. I'm spontaneous if it is well planned!


by Profe Steve NaPoWriMo #29 One more to go! Thirty poems in thirty days.

One moment I am full of emotion But cold whenever I take the notion.

<shrug> well, that is just the way Of this thing that is called INFJ.

I’m a mass of deep contradictions, But I live by my strong convictions,

So serious but yet I want to play! Hello, I’m INFJ.

As quiet as the sea floor below, But give me a chance and I’ll put on a show.

Deep thoughts I crave every day, All because I’m INFJ.

Weird and strange, anything but bland, I’ll be spontaneous if it is well planned,

I crave order but I’m chaotic all day, Contradiction, that’s INFJ!

Part of my soul is ruled by my fears, But if you’ll listen I’ll bore you to tears.

I’ll lock myself in my room all the day, Because my soul is INFJ.

So many thoughts run through my head, Obsessing over things that I said,

No black or white, its all shades of gray, That’s the life of INFJ!

I hide away just like a clam, But why? Well that’s just how I am!

Ignore me once, I’ll ignore you all day, All because I’m INFJ.

In a minute I will lay my heart bare, I revel because I know that I’m rare.

Don’t ask me to explain it, okay? All I can say is INFJ!

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