#249: I See
#249: I See kind stories

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There is still kindness in the world. (the photo feature doesn't function on my school system)

#249: I See

by Profe Steve

I see you. I don’t think you were aware that anyone noticed, but I did. I saw you take the new girl over to the window and show her something outside. Her face was filled with delight. So was yours.

I think you have discovered a valuable truth about life. When you make someone happy like that, it makes you happy as well.

I saw you. I saw you befriend someone who didn’t have any friends. I almost cried when the two of you walked up to me arm-in-arm and announced that you were now friends.

I know some things you probably don’t. Maybe you sense that her life has been a mess lately. I don’t know.

I somehow think that you are an empath. I know you feel things deeply. You are tuned in to other people and what they are going through. That is rare in this world.

So few see beyond themselves. So few feel more than their own numbed feelings. And you reach out to others even when you are hurting yourself.

You are a light.

You are a light. You are a hero.

You are a light. You are a hero. You make a difference.

You are a light. You are a hero. You make a difference. And I see.

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