Fly Like a Bird
Fly Like a Bird defeated stories

stevewaldropStoryteller, Poet
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I see your face; you look defeated.

Fly Like a Bird

by Profe Steve

Every day the scene is repeated You slip quietly into your place And sit so small looking defeated Sadness written all over your face.

No one else sees behind wordless lies As you whisper that everything is just fine. But I see the hurt hidden in your eyes You feel that the sun will no longer shine.

Your heart is hurting, you feel all alone Facing the giants with no one who cares, Upon rocky shoals your life has been thrown, To be eaten by ravenous lions and bears.

You scan all the faces, alone in the crowd Hoping and longing to hear a kind word, But you cannot utter your feelings out loud As you dream of the day you can fly like a bird.

All I can do is give you a smile And whisper softly that I see your pain. Tell you that I know your life is a trial And hope that one day your sun shines again.

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