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Anxiety, I'm sick of your lies!


by Profe Steve

You whisper in my ear, But all I hear is lies. You want to play upon my fear, Well that is no surprise.

So easily you used to fool me, Used to make me freeze. Now I refuse to let you rule me I took away your keys.

I really wish it were that easy, I still battle you each day, My stomach yet feels queasy And I don’t know what to say.

It may seem like a simple chore, That anyone could do. But still my feet stick to the floor, Like standing in hot glue.

Anxious heart again starts pounding, Then my mouth goes dry. To other folks it’s quite astounding, And I can’t tell them why.

So I close my eyes and breathe in deep Then slowly let it out. A shard of courage starts to seep: I put aside my doubt.

I fight this battle day by day, And someday I will win. Each time that I find a way And find that calm within.

*** I come across as calm and confident most of the time, but there are a few situations where anxiety almost cripples me. I have worked on it for years and can mostly force my way through it, but it will always be a battle.

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