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Life is never dull for a teacher.
With a special bonus requested by @goldenratio0618

A Teacher's View

by Profe Steve

Some days seem just like walking With wild tigers in the woods I feel the dangers stalking, And I fear your whirlwind moods

Other days a fair wind blows, The clouds have fled the sky, Forgotten are the highs and lows And bitter questions why.

Your minds are open, hearts are light, You hear each word I say, Before once more your moods take flight And storm clouds roll in gray.

A roller coaster every day As you try to tread the path Of life and love and wind’s salt spray And face the storm’s deep wrath.

But though you rage or laugh or sass, I’ll stand above the fray, Glad that you are in my class And help you find your way.

*** @goldenratio0618 asked to see some of my sword photos, so here they are:

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