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Inspired by @PoemsAboutLife

A Random Fact

by Profe Steve

I came to Commaful at the invitation of @leilaskidmore a little over a year ago. At the time, I had been in several small and not-so-small writing groups on Facebook, but was in a deep slump. Ideas had dried up and pressure was building. I was also dealing with some personal issues, some losses that were weighing on my spirit.

I joined and figured I would at least post some things, not ever expecting anyone to notice, much less pay attention. I knew that I was quite a bit older than many of the writers on here, and the issues faced by younger people are often much different than those that someone my age faces.

I found that it didn't seem to matter. I eagerly read and started following other writers and found my soul resonating with them, especially the young writers. I tried to do what my heart always wants to do: encourage.

Then a few people found my own works, and their encouragement pushed me to start writing every day whether I felt inspired or not. That grew from a habit into a hunger, a need to express all the thoughts and feelings inside. Some have been deep, others whimsical and silly, some bordering on despair. All are me.

I was surprised and humbled when some told me that my words had moved them or inspired them or encouraged them. I haven't done many poems lately, but I am writing. I've been working on a longer project that doesn't work well on this format. When it is further along, I will share a link to where it will be.

The random fact: I love to cook, and especially desserts!

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