#273: Her Heart is an Oak
#273: Her Heart is an Oak secure stories

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Terza Rima on confidence.

#273: Her Heart is an Oak

by Profe Steve

She holds her head high, a grin on her lips, She needs no applause nor loud accolades Twinkle in her eye, her smile never slips

Her heart fears no danger and plays no charades. She’s clad in her past; it’s a warm badge of pride Though others attack, she fears not their blades.

Though some will cast stones, she never shall hide. Hate avails nothing, her heart is immune, Secure in her soul, she’ll ever abide.

She’s certain and solid, from oak she is hewn Opinions won’t touch her, she rises above All of the negative energy strewn.

She fits her world like a hand in a glove Spreading sweet sunshine, joy, peace and love.

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