#235: Dog Days
#235: Dog Days heat stories
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stevewaldropNever be cruel, never be cowardly...
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A haiku tale for the dog days of summer.

#235: Dog Days

by Profe Steve

Dog days of summer: Tongues lolling, faces sweating; Life slows to a crawl

Not a hint of breeze As the sun broils and all life Searches for shadow

Sun-made lethargy, Torpor is obligatory ; Work is imprudent

Let me hibernate In a chill, dark den of sleep Until October

*** At 9:00 pm CDT, the temperature where I live is 97 F after a high of 105. (36C and 40.5C)

On a positive note, I'm working on my classrooms to get ready for school to start on the 22nd. I've met a lot of my new students and talked to many of my former ones. One cried because this will be my last year of teaching.

Barky and Ramona la Dragona fighting over my glue gun!

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