#230: A Pretty Great Cat
#230: A Pretty Great Cat cat stories

stevewaldropNever be cruel, never be cowardly...
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A fun look at cats.

#230: A Pretty Great Cat

by Profe Steve

You sit there before me, Long tail a’twitchin’ Looking so regal, Your steel gaze bewitchin’

I know that you scarfed down My last piece of bacon But I can’t just accuse Or your wrath I’ll awaken.

You spend all the day Stretched out on my bed But if I want a nap, No room for my head.

Your frozen aloofness Almost never thaws If I try to pet you, I feel your sharp claws.

You lap up attention Like it is your due If you’re not in the mood, You might barf in my shoe.

You’re feisty and fickle And furry and fat, But through all the mess, You’re a pretty great cat.

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