#221: Magic of Words
#221: Magic of Words dictionary stories
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stevewaldrop We're all stories in the end...
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I love the hidden power and magic in words. A tanka series.

#221: Magic of Words

by Profe Steve

Oh how I love words! Short, sharp words that snap and pop Like a firecracker; Angry words of war and doom Calling thunder from the storm.

Scrumptious, tasty words, Creamy smooth words like butter On golden pancakes; Melting sensuously warm, Tickling delighted taste buds.

Sweetly loving words. The silky feel of satin Like a whispered breath, Brushing against supple skin, Raising goose bumps of pleasure

Longing, loving words Leaping joyous from warm hearts, Bearing cords that bind Two souls together in passion As they weave magical spells.

Hidden treasures found Within the yellowed pages Of dictionaries. Perfect words that soar aloft Bearing unimagined truths.

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