#187: I Want to Live!
#187: I Want to Live!  existence stories

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Free form thoughts about life and its purpose.

#187: I Want to Live!

by Profe Steve

I don’t want a mere existence, I want to live a life that is full!

I want sunrises of pink and gold promise, Sunsets of crimson and violet wine to soothe away the stress of the day.

I want friends who hear my pain and joy And heal me with laughter, Or sit with me in silence. Friends who help me find my way when I have lost the path.

I don’t want a boring, meaningless job. I want work that excites me, That uses every skill and every scrap of energy; Work where I can inspire the young And help them navigate The treacherous paths of life.

I want to be the one who inspires them And helps them find purpose. And hope. I want to be the teacher they remember well. The one who cared.

I want bonfires silhouetted against mountain peaks And lazy, sandy, afternoons with salty waves lapping gently at my toes.

I want to write poetry that touches hearts And stories that make people tremble and gasp.

I don’t want the slow death of sameness. I don’t want to die with regrets of what I could have done.

I want to be used up, spent, Exhausted and full of memories that make my heart sing as my soul flies onward to new adventures.

I want to live!

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