The Climax
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First story in a few days, based on the prompt today.

The Climax

by Steve Marsden

His toes were numb with the intense chill of the snow.

He walked through the doorway into a vast hall. Looking up, he saw no roof. The floor was covered in snow drifts and tree branches from past storms.

As it passed in front of the reddening sun, the shadow of his starship crept over the building. He continued to follow the map to the far righthand corner of the hall.

His 800 million mile journey had cost him so much and he was so drained that he could barely bring himself to unlock the door he soon arrived at. The Door of Hymns. Glistening with frost.

The lock was almost totally seized and he needed both damaged hands to rotate the key he had killed for. The snow behind the door resisted further as he tried to push it open.

Eventually, he squeezed through. There, inside a large glass case was the Document. It was, as the legend said, silver and mirror-shiny.

Breathing more heavily, he slowly approached the artifact.

He finally got close enough to see the etched writing it bore. Within moments, he cried out to the gods and almost tore his throat. He fell to his knees as if exhaling his soul.

Upon the ancient, mythical book hordes had died seeking was:

"Come back tomorrow."


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