The 3 Meals
The 3 Meals pain stories

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One man's path affected by his mother told in the 3 meals of the day.

The 3 Meals

by Steve Marsden

BREAKFAST Tommy plonked down at the table.

“I've got soccer practice today, Mom. Is my uniform clean?” His mom paused and gazed at nothing. She whimpered, sniffed, wiped her eyes and pushed the pain back down. “No. I'll bring it later."

LUNCH Thomas was shown to his table by a tired maitre D'

Thomas shook his dad's hand, the first time in 5 years. "I need help with Mom's medical bills, dad." - "Been laid off, son. I can't, I'm sorry but lunch's on me." - "Dad, I...OK, I'll have soup."

DINNER Mr Thomas Roker was awoken in bed by his wife.

She placed a tray of meatloaf and mashed potato on his lap. On turning, her outline against the window reminded him of his mother, 59 years ago in the kitchen, sobbing. A tear fell on his plate.

The End

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