A Bowlful of Stars
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Poem of aspiration

A Bowlful of Stars

by Steve Marsden

I want to feast on a bowlful of stars

And bathe in the heavenly mist of inspiration, I want to avoid the backwash of death and ride its wave instead, Can it be done?

I want to know the edge of life so far,

And skate above the frozen lake of perspiration, I want to change all the things I see to what I see in my head, I know it can't be done.

I want to turn villages into towns,

And paint brick walls until they're like huge stained glass windows, I want to stoke the furnace of all lives with possibility, How can it be done?

I want to dress paupers in royal gowns,

And unlock the golden gates that stay shut when the wind blows, I want to redirect blame to those with responsibility, Will it be done?

(C) 2017

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