1 yr ago today I blogged that I'd never drop out of college
One year ago today I blogged that I'd never drop out of college stories

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1 yr ago today I blogged that I'd never drop out of college

by Steve Krouse Originally published June 17, 2014

This was a pretty ridiculous thing for me to have said

given that I’m writing these words thousands of miles from Penn, at the desk of my full time job, and that I have no intention of ever completing a college degree.

The shift started this past Fall semester.

I didn't have a great semester – wasn’t into my friends, classes, or extra curriculars – and dreamt of leaving school and doing more of what I wanted to.

I wished for a reason to take time off school

You don't need an excuse. Just do what you want to.

After a few weeks of talking to friends, family, mentors

Professor Adam Grant was the first adult to support the idea. In fact, he really supported it.

"Best case you love it. You stay there full time."

"Worst case, you hate it out there or you realize it's no better than school, and you come back with the knowledge and appreciation that this is the best place for you"

There is so much social pressure keeping you locked

into the university track. "The fact you've gotten this far, to my office, says all I need to know. You've come far enough. You really should go."

The best case is what happened

I simply love working in tech in SF. There is no way I'm going back to Penn anytime soon; I'm just having way too much fun out here.

This 180 degree turn begs the question

“If I’m just going to change my mind all the time, what’s the point of blogging?”

Blogging is as much for the writer as it is for the audience

In this sense, I believe that the human brain is an HTTP server and that blogs are our best approximation of logfiles. It serves a far great purpose than giving people advice

Writing forces us to pick only one thought

It's impossible for us to follow simultaneous mush of disparate trains of thought all at the same time. Writing forces us to carefully examine one thought.

I don’t know where I’m going next. Nobody does.

I may be responding to this post a year from now from a PhD program from across the globe. All I’m saying at this very second is:

here's where I'm at right now.

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