Learning about life: Chris and Chris (Read the description before you begin please. Contains warnings)
Learning about life: Chris and Chris

(Read the description before you begin please. Contains warnings)  bullying stories

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Based on the prompt of the day, ‘learning’. This one was a tricky one. I had to really think on what to do with this one.

WARNING: This story deals with sensitive issues: child abuse, suicide, shootings, bullying, drug use.

But there is a positive message :) Because people go through those things. And I prefer it if my stories are realistic even if they are dark. I do not support any of these topics.

Honestly, who would?

This is more for awareness. Inspiration. Reality.

Learning about life: Chris and Chris (Read the description before you begin please. Contains warnings)

As we grow up, we learn different things about life. Sometimes, people learn hard facts and sometimes, people stop learning. Sometimes people never learn.

A boy was born into this world. Blue eyes, brown hair. He was the apple of his father’s eye and the scorn of his mother’s. He was a happy child, laughing, smiling, playing and keeping his innocence.

This baby boy was named Chris. As a toddler, he learned many things: how to play, walk and appreciate speech a little more.

As a toddler though, he also learned pain. His mother, a drug addict, was beating this boy. She was yelling at him and screaming. Chris learned that screaming was good at this age and that pain was what he deserved. He learned that violence was a valid display of emotion.

Chris reached elementary level. His father left and betrayed him, his mother abandoned him. He learned that people leave you alone. He learned that you can be easily tossed aside and left behind. He went into the foster system. He learned there that life was not greener on the other side.

When Chris reached middle school, he was bullied. He was transferred to a few foster homes for violent behavior. He learned that violence got him what he wanted at a price. He was in juvie at the age of 11 for a year for beating up a student into hospitalization. In Chris’s defense, the kid was bullying him.

When Chris turned 13, the bullying continued, his violent behavior got worse. His reputation got worse. Abused and now a drug addict, Chris was a mess. He learned that taking drugs was good. He learned it took him away from the violent nature of his foster homes. He learned there was already no hope for him in life.

High school hit. The bullying continued. It was because he was different. Long hair, piercings, baggy clothes, drugs, sarcasm. He was the definition of a reject in his school. He was ostracized and ignored. He learned that this was normal. That kids were cruel.

High school continued and Chris had held on for so long but there were days he wanted to end it. He had a gun in his nightstand just in case he gained the courage to use it. He learned it wasn’t easy. Because deep down, he learned that he actually wanted to fight through his fears, past and the kids who hated him.

But high school continued. Nothing changed and his anger grew. He was going to do it. These people deserved it. A plan began to form.

Senior year hit. There was a brief ray of hope in this new year that threw him off. A girl stopped to ask him if he was okay. With his choker collar, baggy black jeans, long hair and muscle tank. He was asked if he was okay. He said he was fine. He shoved her away angrily. But he was really dying inside.

He rejected that ray of light. The same girl asked again the next day much to his surprise, “Are you okay?” Again, he lied. He learned that bottling your feelings prevented a beat down. No one wanted a weakling. He walked away this time without a shove.

Again, that same girl came the next day. A cross dangled from her wrist. A smile was on her face. He learned these things the third time she came. The only one who positively acknowledged him, “Seriously, are you okay?”

Chris was silent but he stayed with hope in his heart, “...No.” He admitted in a whisper. He was actually planning to finally release his pent up emotions. By killing everyone in the school for torturing him daily.

She dared a hug. He refused. The next day, Chris had decided to leave his gun at home that day. He wanted to see this strange girl again. She was not there. The whispers in the school were filled with gossip. Christina was her name.

She came back the next day. Her eyes were filled with death, her smile gone. Christina learned some things that day like usual, just as Chris learned that day that maybe there was a small light in his life. He approached her this time, “Are you okay?”

She looked him in his eyes, “No.”

Chris learned that he was not alone. Christina learned that she was not alone. They both learned that abuse was suffocating and damaging. Two teenagers were being abused and bullied.

Christina was not popular. Her classmates laughed at her for being overweight. They threw her lunch away saying she didn’t need to eat. The girls were cruel in their gossip.

Christina was a sweet and pretty girl with blonde hair and apple green eyes.But no one saw that. They only saw the heavy weight on her body. The clothes that were too tight on her. The glasses that dubbed her as a nerd. She hid her scars well under her long sleeves, knowing the other girls would laugh.

No one knew how much she hated herself. No one knew how much she wanted to eat herself to death. No one knew the horrors she went through at home. No one knew the times she spent in her room under her covers in the dark. This beautiful but depressed soul.

She has known all along that kids were cruel. That life was cruel. Then she saw Chris. He was like her. Alone. Ostracized. Different.

She had boldly asked if he was okay. That one question started a friendship that lasted for a lifetime. They both learned that reaching out can save a life. Because she was going to end hers that night. And he had decided that morning to bring a gun to school after all.

Reach out to people before it is too late. Give them your hand. When someone feels alone, sometimes all they need is a hug or a word of encouragement.

Maybe even a sign of acknowledgement that they exist. Maybe a friendship. Everyone deserves affection no matter what they are going through or who they are. Everyone deserves love.

So be a light to people you do not know. Learn that the ones suffering from bullying or abuse need that lifeline. Learn their story. Actually listen to their silent cries. Their situation is dark but two are better than one. Two people carry a bond like a thick and tight rope. Our actions can help save a life.

And one single life saved is priceless.

Thank you for your time -bows-

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