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By Me

The LightπŸŒ˜πŸŒ“πŸŒ”πŸŒ•

by Me

There was a time where I thought the world was black and white. I preferred to stay with the white cause what made me feel safe was light. As time went by, no matter how hard I tried light was always dimming and shimmering away in the worst times but again always exploding like fire crackers in the sky to light up for the wonderful times. But of course we can never hide from when it succumbs to complete night;those hard times.During the completely dark nights and quiet, tense moments there is always a twinkle, a tiny little ray of light that glistens and shines, reminding us of its everlasting presence. Over the years I find it waits for me patiently, foreseeing its might and power. So I reach out and grab it and it leads me away so serene and rigorously all at once. Away, out of the night leaving behind the empty feeling of darkness, now briefly into the fog for the quick but satisfying confusion, into the dew to finally feel the air back in my lungs and then finally the sunrise. The unforgivable sunrise which takes all of its fragments and shines just for me to feel again, an exploding heart. You’ve made it through the storm, the dark and here the sun sits before you. These quiet moments where I stop and take in that victorious sun on my face I realize one thing; the dark, the light, the shimmer, the exploding of the fire crackers, the fog and the dew we take it all together, we must . For no wellness can come without some suffering. After the day is gone and the dark slowly descends each night as it always will,I reach for my ray of light, that shiny twinkle for whatever it may be to each of us. It fills my heart with light and I know I can get through and be alright. For my light is you.❀️

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