How things work -- that is the question
How things work -- that is the question freedom stories

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What we do is what we think will work. We are the masters of the craft we're on.


How things work -- that is the question


Our individual lives are about how things work. That is the universal quest. From small to largest, these are our concerns.

Progress is the degree to which things work to create less and less harm. When we speak of love it is synonymous with progress. From start to finish, love reduces harm.

Whether we speak of patience, kindness, or self-sacrifice, the purpose or the effect of love is the achievement of a measure of well being. Sadly, science does not measure love.

But if it did it would find that we are progressing despite the stories in the press and on TV.


Love does not seek her own way as Paul reminds us. Love does not come with the clashing cymbals of advertising.

It does not shout in the acrimonious language of the minority of social media folk who choose to ignore the evidence that they are in fact love, not hate machines.

Things work the way they do because of who we are. We are part of the love that everything is made of. To see that we must look inside ourselves.

The view from there can become infinite. The love there is without limit. The subjective heart is its fundamental expression.


We evaluate everything according to the light we choose to allow into our lives. How we move, how we comport ourselves, what we present to others and what we hide.

We plan, we scheme, we devise tricks, we make up things, we test and analyze. We are amazing and we are all actually one.

We are equally the very same reality, the "I's" that emerge from us spoken or not.

What we believe is not us. What we do is all we are. And what we do is what we think will work. We are the masters of the craft we're on

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