Why Death? Why me.
Why Death? Why me. feelings2016 stories
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Why Death? Why me.

by stella

Death should be scary

Shouldn't death be scary? But why didn't I realize it when I was younger, when people near me was dropping like autumn leaves.

1st death

Normally when someone passes away, you'd be sad and cry, but I didn't know what death was, I help my weaping friend and stared at the memorial. I was 6

2nd Death

At this point I understood, but losing another friend to cancer hits you hard , finally understand what happened, I cried hard into my friends lap. this time it was a close teacher. I was 10

3rd Death

I'm fully aware of death and his intentions, but why me? I lost so much yet it keeps going. Now it was my grandma. I was 16. But this time, I did not cry, but why?

Almost 4th death

I am now 18 and I'm suffering, I want death, I crave it. I'm in pain and have a heart disease, my mother cried, and my father was speechless. But I sat quiet, knowing this would happen.

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This was a difficult subject to write about. I admire your courage. This was a thoughtful and well written essay. I understand wanting the pain and suffering to be over, to have peace and an end to suffering Great work!