Is it necessary to be beautiful ?
Is it necessary to be beautiful ? beauty stories

stella_nova Community member
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Is it necessary to be beautiful ?

In a world where I can be anything, Is it necessary to be Beautiful?

I can be a kind person, And make this world a happy and good place. Why alone beauty matters to you?

Why beauty? I can be funny, Or can be a sun in someone's world where light comes rarely And brighten their life And I don't think being beautiful will help me alone to do so..

So I will choose to be a person. Who maybe is not beautiful like a doll, have imperfections and flaws. Who is kind, wise, funny, nd trying to be a good person.

I can climb to summits, Where not a single human ever went to, I can lead the world, With my strengths and qualities...... Then why alone beauty? Why you forget I am a human not a doll ... WHY?

So let's love ourselves first, And see how lovely this world is and let's not judge people for a while... And enjoy our existence in this beautiful earth full of marvelous miracles!!

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