Blazing Sun
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Blazing Sun

If you can't stop one heart from breaking..

Maybe you can stop one sun from blazing with its rapid fire power.

Or maybe you can stop the sequence of space and time itself.

After you die, it's all over... All of your chances...

There's only one more decision, and it's not yours.

I look over my crops as I roughly scoop the dirt to refill seeds..

I look over my hedges to see if they need trimming..

But I don't concentrate on the main things to do in life..

So if you put your priorities together, you can finish up on the extras.

The sun firmly warms our earth with its strength.

The moon brings us a little light in the night.

The stars give us something to look up at.

Everything put in place, and balance.

The whole galaxy and universe working together as if to please you.

A good man named Yousuf Al-Kadi once said: "Those who don't pay attention to the earth working its way perfectly for millions of years and learning from it in their own way are stupid people".

Hear it, learn it.

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