How to Enjoy Going to Hackathons
How to Enjoy Going to Hackathons stories

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How to Enjoy Going to Hackathons

This is a guide on how to do well at hackathons while also having a lot of fun. These are all things I have learned to do throughout my hackathon adventures.

People say that thinking of an idea is the hardest part

Think of something that is annoying in your life

Come up with a hack that tries to get rid of it

Now that you have an idea, pick a team

Don't team with people you know

Hackathons are all about meeting new people

After spending 36 hours through blood sweat & tears

You will become great friends

What about sleep?

Don't sleep

Just kidding

Sleep 6 hours the first night

Don't sleep the second night

Make sure to drink lots of water and eat healthy food

Like pizza

Always present your projects

No matter how terrible you think they are

That's the whole point of the hackathon

To show the world what you can create

Don't go for the prizes

Go to make something awesome

Making something you enjoy is much more valuable

Than a dumb sponsor prize that you will forget about

You will never forget the memories of a crazy hack

Or laughing at how terribly everything is going

That's the beauty of a hackathon. You go to have fun

If you only take away one lesson from this

Even if people pressure you..

You DO NOT have to make your idea a startup

I'll go so far as to say 90% of ideas* from hackathons

* that win prizes

Are terrible ideas for startups

Well now you know how to be a hackathon pro

Go and build awesome things

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