Never Coming Back
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steamgirlgame Dabbling in flash fiction
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"Goodbye James. I'm never coming back," she said. And now I miss her. Will I ever see her again?

A divorce story with a twist.

Never Coming Back

She pauses in the doorway. "Goodbye James. I'm never coming back," she says, her throat hoarse from crying.

I don't want her to leave.

I run towards her, but it is too late. The door slams shut. My throat is tight with sorrow. I whimper.

I am housebound for days.

I am housebound for days. I miss her dearly.

I am housebound for days. I miss her dearly. I miss her scent, her touch, her cuddles.

I miss our long walks along the beach. I miss going to the pub after.

I miss her.

The bed is not the same without her. The sofa feels cold. The kitchen gathers stacks of bowls and plates. I wait for her to come back.

One day there is a ring at the door. I know it's her!

There she is.

She wraps me in her arms and the scent of lavender and chocolate envelops me. My heart soars.

"I thought you were never coming back," says the smug voice behind me.

She stiffens. I hold my breath.

"I'm taking the dog," she says.

I waggle my tail as fast as I can. She picks me up.

We leave. Together.

And I never go back.

Never Coming Back by Steamgirl @steamgirlgame

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