love from august 2016
love from august 2016 love stories

staywiththemoon Community member
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from my last trip to xiamen.

love from august 2016

something tugs at my heartstrings whenever our eyes meet

almost as if i'm transported to a

place of kaleidoscopic colors;

as if i'm suddenly in a world of a four-walled muralistic landscape

of photos and memories and the quiet sighing and nostalgia of a dream;

your eyes sparkle like the pearls you fit in my hand four summers ago

after three months of lying in the sand, observing the cyclic nature of day and night

and letting go of the perception of time's passing in an effort to forget the day we inevitably part ways

in our constant cycle of waxing and waning like the moon that shined down on us in clear nights-- like the advancing and receding of tides--

instead i'd focus on how the brightness of the moon illuminated the beauty of our tangible presences

and made me love a little more of my flat nose and inconsistently-folded eyelids until it was the time of a new moon;

but at least i can find solace

in the tilted earth and bright moon revolving around the sun--

in my ability to feel comfort in the passage of time accelerate towards the day you come back into orbit.

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