Tobias and I have been together for nearly 12 months & have yet to take the next step in our relationship, although we have come close on several occasions, my fear always wins out . I decided that for our Anniversary, that will change . I'm ready, ready
Tobias and I have been together for nearly 12 months & have yet to take the next step in our relationship, although we have come close on several occasions, my fear always wins out .

I decided that for our Anniversary, that will change .
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Tris has overcome her fear of intimacy & has committed herself to Tobias fully.

Tobias suggests spicing their sex life up with Something New & they explore the art of domination & submission.

Tobias struggles to control his dominant urges & Tris questions their future.

A divergent fanfic with a mild 50 shades twist.

This is my first story so please be honest with your comments and feel free to suggest anything and point out errors !

Here we go...!!


Tobias and I have been together for nearly 12 months & have yet to take the next step in our relationship, although we have come close on several occasions, my fear always wins out . I decided that for our Anniversary, that will change . I'm ready, ready

to take that next step and overcome my biggest fear - intimacy. I know I can trust him & after everything we have been through, it just feels right somehow. I text Christina asking her to meet me in the pit in an hour, I need to stock up on some stuff to really make this a memory we both will never forget and who knows how to shop better than her. She replies confirming she will be there, so I quickly shower and once I'm ready, head down to the pit to meet Christina and get this party started. As I walk for the pit I spot Chrissy chatting with Marlene and so i head on over. Both turn and smile once they see me and greet me with open arms. I explain to them both my plans and Mar agrees to come along to help, after all her and Uriah have been together longer and she is way more experienced than either Chris or I, so her input will be of great assistance. After some small talk, we head off to Dauntless Mall. After what felt like several hours, we had been to 10 different shops and had bags and bags of stuff, not just for me but the girls decided they would grab some supplies of their own, we decided to head home. I thanked them both and skipped my way back to mine and Tobias's apartment . Now all I have to do is wait for tomorrow !!

I wake excited! I turn to see Tobias staring at me with those beautiful bright blue eyes that I can get lost for days in, and I smile. " Morning" he says, with a bright smile that reaches both his eyes. " Morning handsome" I reply with the same mirroring grin and quickly touch my lips gently to his. " Happy Anniversary " I say as I pull away, he groans lightly as I get up and get dressed. We head down to the cafeteria to have breakfast , hand in hand. The gang is already there and too engrossed in conversation to see we have arrived, so we sit and join in the conversation . After breakfast we all head back to our apartment's and get on with our day. We spent the day lounging around watching movies, snuggling and making out . Finally the darkness starts to make it presence, letting us know night time is approaching & butterflies start fluttering around inside my stomache as the anticipation of what tonight holds looms in my thoughts. We decided to head out for dinner, just us, to celebrate our anniversary. I put on a fitted black lacy halter bodysuit and put my hair in a fishtail to the side so it drapes over my shoulder and frames my face, I keep my make up minimal and light. Christina would be horrified. Tobias comes out in a short sleeve button down shirt with the top buttons undone, showing just the top whips of his chest hair that i love to run my fingers through, paired with black skinny jeans that show off his tight butt nicely. I stand drooling at the sight, wanting more and more to rip it all off him and rock his world....& mine. " Enjoying the view? " he asks with a wide grin as I realise I have been staring for waay too long. " Very much " I shyly reply, biting my lip slightly. His eyes turns dark, I know that look, he wants this as much as I do & is having trouble trying to control it. He takes 3 quick steps towards me and smashes his lips to mine & as our tongues battle for dominance I feel that familiar heat run though my body. I want him.....badly. His hands run up and down my body, touching every inch that he can in desperation, making me moan slightly. Slowly he pulls away, earning a low growl of disappointment from me & he smiles. " Let's get going " he says as he moves to find his keys and we leave. We arrive at the restaurant and order, his hand resting on my thigh just above my knee, rubbing small circles with his thumb. After our meal, we sit and talk about random things, all the while his hand remains on my thigh, moving higher and higher. My breathing becomes shallow & I can barely focus on our conversation as his hand reaches the top of my thigh, his fingers just slightly brushing my sweet spot. I look into his eyes and notice his eyes have yet again turned dark with desire but love all at once. " Let's get outta here" he says, with a promise in his tone. I shiver at his words and stand to leave. Suddenly he picks me up bridal style and all but runs back to the apartment. Once we reach the door, he carefully puts me down & fumbles for his keys, eventually getting it open & picking me back up again to walk inside. He kicks the door closed with his foot and rushes to the bedroom. As he places me down so I'm standing in front of him, he pushes me up against the wall, crashing his hips & lips to mine and kisses me with so much passion & love I almost fall as my knees tremble beneath me. His hands continue to roam my body as they did earlier and I feel that intense need to be closer to him. Our kiss becomes more and more desperate and I grab the hem of his shirt to quickly remove it. He grabs the tie on my bodysuit and quickly undoes it & tugs it down so that it falls effortlessly from my body, and pools at my feet, revealing the sexy see through underwear I had purchased yesterday. His eyes travel down my body and a low growl comes out as he takes in the sight before him. " Enjoying the view?" I ask, repeating his earlier question. He responds by laying soft, feathery kisses down my neck, his hands still roaming my body with need. I moan as he softly runs his thumbs over my nipples and squeezes them slightly. I run my hands through his hair and tug slightly to let him know I want more. He straightens and kisses me hard as I fumble to unbutton his shirt. " Someone's needy " he says in a low growl as I roughly rip the shirt from his body and admire his perfectly sculpted abs and run my hands down his chest, past his snail trail and stop just above his jeans & resting my hands on his hips rubbing circles with my thumbs. " I want you " I say breathlessly . " Are you sure?" He asks gently, knowing that there is no turning back if we go any further. " I'm ready Tobias " I say while undoing the button on his pants and slowly sliding his zipper down. He groans and smashes his lips back to mine as we pour all the love into it we can. I slowly start to run my hand over his growing bulge and this earns another moan from Tobias as he pushes his hips forward so my hand is pressing harder against him . His hand finds its way down my body and caresses my now throbbing clit through my lacy underwear gently but with urgent need at the same time, making me moan loudly & only fuelling my want for him more. I boldy push him backwards and tug at his pants " off " I demand, he helps me pull them off and he steps out of them, taking his underwear with them so he was fully naked in front of me, I pull back and take a long look at the fine specimine in front of me, my legs trembling with fear and lust all at the same time. He grabs my waist and pulls me towards the bed and pushes me down gently. He moves his way down to remove my underwear and kisses my now swollen clit as I moan, he moves up and removes my bra and gently takes one of my nipples in his mouth, sucking slightly and massages the other with his thumb and forefinger. He pulls back and kisses all down by body until he reaches my sweet spot, I arch my back in anticipation as his tongue gently finds my clit and he begins to kick in light circles sending jolts of pleasure throughout my body, my need for him growing with each lick. He slides a finger inside me and wiggles a little, making me moan and writhe with pleasure, he enters another finger and I feel my body start to heat up and something started to stir within me as he started to move his fingers in and out faster as he continued to lap at my clit with his tongue. The pressure began building quickly and I could feel my release edging closer and closer. " God yes, Tobias. That's feels so good, don't stop " I moan as I get closer and closer to my release. Suddenly the earth gave way beneath me and I shattered into a million pieces as my orgasm flooded through me with Tobais's name leaving my lips. I hear the rip of foil as I'm coming down from my high and moments later I feel him at my entrance. " Are you sure?" He asks me for permission before he goes any further. " Make love to me Tobias.......NOW" I respond needily. He enters me slowly and I feel a pinch and then a sharp pain rips through my body, I wince and Tobias stops and looks at me with concern & waits for me to respond. I smile and nod at him to continue and starts a slow pace, letting me get used to it. Eventually pain is replaced by an intense feeling of euphoric pleasure as he sets a faster pace. I moan loudly as he thrusts faster, building me up to another orgasm that threatens to shatter through me. His moans are getting louder and his thrusts quicker as we both move towards our own release. My orgasm rips through me like a tsunami as I scream his name, he thrusts 2 more times before yelling my name and coming to a slow stop as he reaches his own climax, his breathing heavy and ragged. He slowly pulls out making me wince a little. He lays beside me grinning and kisses me gently. " Well I guess we can officially say you've overcome 1 fear" he says with a smirk. " Fear, what fear ?" I say, smirking back at him and kiss him softly. I lay my head in his chest and we fall into blissful slumber, a small smile plastered on my lips. I did it. I really did it & I have no regrets at all. I can't wait to do it again.

** 2 months later ** A wake with strong arms around me & smile. Tobias and I have never been closer & I can really start to see a future with him in it. I plant a chaste kiss on his lips and he stirs but does not wake, I sigh and get up to shower. An hour later I'm drinking my coffee while checking my Facebook messages when Tobias saunters in, wearing only his sweatpants that hang deliciously from his hips, making me drool as he walks closer to me. " What's got you grinning like a Cheshire Cat ?" He asks with amusement . " You" I say while licking my lips and gazing up at him through my lashes with a smirk. He laughs lightly and grabs my face in his hands and kisses me hard. He brushes his tongue along my lip requesting permission which I fully allow, as I groan with pleasure at his soft lips moving in perfect sync with mine and our tongues fighting for dominance. Eventually we pull away, breathing heavily.  I sigh. " I don't think I will ever tire of kissing you " I say honestly. " Me either, I always want more " he responds , tucking a stray hair behind my ear with a smile that makes his eyes glow with warmth & love. " I love you Tobias " i say quietly. Neither of us have said this out loud before, although I'm sure we both feel it. His eyes widen slightly & I feel fear that he doesn't feel the same, my smile fades. He quickly recovers and smiles bigger than I've ever seen, before saying " I love you more " . With that I smash my lips to his again with relief. We both get ready and head to the cafeteria for breakfast with the group as usual. The choosing ceremony is today so after breakfast, we head to the net and await the initiates to arrive. We hear Eric make his speech above us and we await for the first jumper to drop into the net. A screaming blur of grey suddenly comes falling through the hole in the roof and into the net, I walk over and help them out. A young girl with green eyes and dirty blonde hair stares at me with wide eyes as I lift her into the floor. " What's your name?" I ask. " J...Jaymee" she stutters. I announce it " First Jumper .... Jaymee - Welcome to Dauntless " , the dauntless crowd cheer as I gently push her towards them and move back to await the next body to drop in the net. We end up with 6 transfers and 6 Dauntless borns. Transfers: Jaymee - Abnegation Carl - Amity Joel - Candor Desiree - Erudite Meredith - Candor Jack - Amity We introduce ourselves and start the tour. As we enter the dorm & we show them where they will be sleeping during initiation, Joel brazenly wraps his arm over my shoulder & whispers in my ear " so where do you sleep, can I come visit? " I shudder and turn to him with a scowl " I sleep with my boyfriend & I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate you dropping by on false hopes ". He scowls and turns to choose a bunk. Tobias shoots him a look but doesn't say anything, don't want to give the game away, yet! We decided to keep our relationship from the initiates for now, they will figure it out eventually. " Today we will let you get settled in, but training starts at 8 sharp tomorrow morning, if your late - you're out !" Tobias says, addressing the initiates gruffly. I smile as I remember my first day at Dauntless and how much he intimidated me. We head back home and leave them to do what they want.

Training has been intense. Only Jaymee and Desiree are showing any promise at this point. Tobias and I work harder to get the rest of them in shape - one on one combat fighting starts tomorrow & the boys are looking to get beat up at this point - by the girls!! After a long day of training we head to the cafeteria to have dinner and see the group is already there. " Hey " I say as we approach them . A chorus of hi's and hey's follow. " So how's your initiates holding up Four?" Zeke asks with a smug smile. " Ugh, they are no where near ready to fight each other " he says with a huff. " Maybe it's their trainer that's the problem eh?" Zeke says with a teasing smirk. Tobias shoots him a glare but laughs " yeah Tris is a bad trainer, I should probably work on that" he says and turns to me with a smile, I playfully slap his arm but smile. Uriah & Marlene sit & watch in silence as Christina and Will are making out sloppily while we try to eat. " Oh for God sake, get a damn room, we are trying to eat here" Shauna pipes up with a look of disgust. We all laugh and continue with small talk until we are done eating & head home. We decide to hire some movies to watch, Tobias picks 2 action romances and I picked up a few comedy's but put them down again, I wasn't really in the mood to laugh. I picked up a new release ' Fifty shades of Grey', I read the blurb on the back and decide to take a risk and get it. Then I see 2 more similar movies beside it and grab them as well but I don't show Tobias. We decide to watch mine first. I bite my lip lightly as I hit play...this should be interesting. I stay snuggled to Tobias throughout the whole movie, his grip tightening around me in certain spots, he's as turned on as me. As the movie ends, I quickly jump up to straddle Tobias and kiss him hard, letting him know what I want. He picks me up and walks to the bedroom and drops me on the bed roughly. He rips off my shirt & bra, throwing them somewhere behind him, and sucks on my nipples, nipping at them every so often. His hands sweeping down my body with intense need as he reaches my shorts he fumbles in his haste but get them undone and off before I can blink. I'm laying completely naked sprawled out on the bed, hot as hell & bursting with need for him. I sit up while he's removing his shirt and grab at his jeans to undo the button & zipper and yank them down revealing his hard cock under his briefs. I gently pull them off him and swiftly take his impressive length in my mouth, sliding it in all the way until it hits the back of my throat and I gag. I suck hard and move up and down his shaft at a decent pace as Tobias moans my name and grips my hair roughly, pulling it slightly making me suck harder with desire . He pulls me off him and pushes me back on the bed and spreads my legs as wide as they can go, he inches closer to my dripping pussy, I can feel his breath on me but he does not touch me. He continues this all over my body, I am aching for his touch. I move to grab at him and he grabs my wrists and holds them above my head. He runs his cock against my slick folds, teasing me . I moan and writhe beneath him, trying to edge him closer to my clit, I need friction. He pulls away from me & walks out of the room without a word. I lay there confused and frustrated. He comes back minutes later with a scarf and a feather. Why does he have a scarf? He looks at me with dark eyes and kicks his lips, staring at my naked body, I can see his cock twitching & pre cum making its way down the tip. I move swiftly and lick it off, earning a low growl of appreciation. I smirk and sit back up, Tobias grabs my hands and ties my wrists together and pushes me back on the bed, he rolls me over so I'm on my stomach and he slaps my butt lightly, I moan, he slaps it again but with more force & I moan louder. He slips 2 fingers inside and pumps hard and fast, building me up to the moment of release and suddenly he stops, I huff. He rolls me back over and straddles my stomach, his cock in my face, clearly wanting attention. I lick the tip lightly, Tobias grabs my hair and pushes my face forward so I take him all in. I gag. He thrusts his hips so he is fucking my mouth as I suck harder and harder, I can feel my wetness start to drip down onto the bed, creating a wet spot but I don't care. He gets off me and disappears again, I suddenly feel his cock sliding roughly into me, my body explodes with passion as he sets a rough pace, fucking me with everything he's got, it's like we haven't had sex in days. We are both desperate for release. He rolls over so I'm on top of him, never pulling out. I grind my hips on him and he moans loudly. I start to move faster and he closes his eyes and I can see him coming apart beneath me, this spurs me on as move faster up and down his shaft, I can feel my orgasm building quickly within me and I know Tobias is close. We both explode with each other's names on our lips. I slowly move off him and he sits up to untie my hands. As I come down from my high, I see the feather still sitting on the bed beside me. I pick it up and slowly run it down Tobais's stomach, his abs flinch as I brush it lightly across them. My phone buzzes, bringing me back to reality, I sigh as I move from Tobias to answer it. " Hey Chris "....

The next few days drag by, slowly the initiates get the hang of it all and are starting to show promise. Joel has been trying to flirt with me at any chance he gets, but I brush him off and move to another initiate. " Time to see what you've got, fights start today" Tobias addresses them with his intimidating ' Four ' voice . " First up- Jaymee & Jack, next will be Desiree & Joel then after lunch, Carl & Meredith. In the ring, now !" Jaymee, Desiree and Carl come out victorious. We dismiss them and head to Zeke's for a game of Candor & Dauntless. As we get there, everyone is already seated and drinking and chatting animatedly about the initiates. " Let's get this started, who's going first? " Zeke questions. "Me" shouts Uriah. " Shauna, C or D?" " Dauntless " " I dare you to run to the pit yelling, the Babies are coming, the babies are coming!" " That's lame " she says but stands to walk out. " Hold up " Uriah says. " When someone comes up and asks if you are ok, slap them and pretend to cry yelling at them that they just don't understand and run away " he finishes. " Still lame but ok, who's coming with?" Tobias, Uriah and Marlene follow. I sit & wait with Zeke, Will, Chris & Lynn, making small talk to pass the time. Eventually they all come back laughing and explain how it all went down. After a couple of hours we decide to head down to the cafeteria for dinner. Tobias & I walk behind, hand in hand. He runs small circles with his thumb on my hand and I smile as a tingling sensation spreads through my body, God I love this man! We talk while we eat and suddenly I feel a hand run across my shoulders as Joel tries to squirm in between me & Tobias. Tobias doesn't shift and just glares at Joel, gripping his cup tightly, his knuckles turning white. " Can I help you initiate" he addresses Joel fiercely. " Just wanna sit next to my girl here, Four. Move over will ya!" He says, his tone laced with mischief. " I'm not your girl" I interject firmly. " I have a boyfriend already, I've told you this " He leans over my shoulder and whispers in my ear " I bet he can't make you cum like a freight train, but I can. You'll love what I can do to you " he licks my ear as he finishes his sentence. I turn and headbutt him, he falls back stunned. " I was just playing around, no need to get violent, although I do like it rough " he says wiggling his eyebrows. Tobias stands, so does Uriah. He grabs Tobias by the shoulders and holds him back. Joel smirks at Tobias " Touchy, Four. You got a thing for her too huh? Maybe we could all get together and make it a group session eh?" Tobias pulls out of Uriahs grip and grabs Joel by the shirt. " Touch her & I will push you into the chasm " . He pushes Joel back and let's go. Joel smirks again, turns and winks at me before heading back to sit at his table with the other initiates. I decide now would be a good time to leave. We head back to our apartment and settle on the couch and watch the movies Tobias chose. We head to bed and snuggle up as we always do, with Tobais's chest to my back & his chin resting on my shoulder as I start to drift off. " We should add a bit of spice to our relationship " he says quietly after a few minutes. " Mmm" is all I can muster as I drift into deep slumber.

I forgot all about Tobais's suggestion. A few days later, I decided to go shopping with the girls for the end of initiation party in a few weeks. We pass a store called Dauntless S & M. I've never been in the store, always curious of what is withheld in its walls though. I decide to go in, dragging the girls with me. Our jaws drop as we enter, there is a wall stacked high with different toys & movies, rows of costumes\ lingerie and a section at the back which is full of strange stuff. We walk slowly towards the toys and I examine them, too scared to touch them. I feel dirty just doing that, like it's forbidden. Curiosity gets the better of me and I head towards the back. I take in the sight in front of me and feel a bit heated as I realise what I'm looking at. After watching all 3 Fifty shades movies, I recognise somee of what I'm seeing and can pretty much guess the rest. My mind drifts off as I think about the ' red room ' sessions & I blush as Shauna & Chris come over. " Wow, now this is what I'm talking about " Chris says as she moves towards the whips that hang on the wall, running her fingers over them and letting out a slight groan. " Yeah, no !" Shauna says and turns to walk back to where Mar & Lynn are checking out the costumes and lingerie. I turn back to Chris, who is now holding a bar with handcuffs at either end and is examining it intently. I know what that is. I walk to Chris and grab it from her, I press the studs and pull. The rod extends to twice its size. Chris's eyes grow wide with amazement. " How do you know what this does?" She asks me curiously. I smile and tell her about Fifty Shades. I start with the plot of Anna & Christian and then lead to the BDSM background, leaving out a few bits so she has something to be surprised by when she watches it. When I finish, she grabs my hand and drags me to the movie section so I can find them and she buys them with intrigue. I move back to where we came from & pick up the spreader bar, grab a crop, a flogger, a blindfold & various other items and head to the counter to pay. We head back to the pit and see the guys hanging out at the bar next door, I quickly tell the girls I'll see them later and ran back to the apartment to hide my new purchases. I head back down to the bar & join the group, drinking shots of tequila. After a couple of hours drinking, we grab some food then head home. Tobias plops down on the couch with a grunt. I run to the bedroom, grab some stuff and head to the bathroom to change, locking the door so Tobias doesn't walk in. I change into my skimpy lace see through bodysuit, did up my make up & walk out towards Tobias. As I walk into the room, Tobias turns and his eyes widen and his jaw drops. I smile shyly as I saunter towards him with confidence, his eyes not shifting and his breathing irratic. As I reach him, he grabs me and pulls me to him roughly and his soft lips are on mine while his rough calloused hands roam my body . He pulls back so he can view my outfit again & groans. He looks at me with a darkened expression, signalling his appreciation but also desire to rip it all off me. I push him down so he is sitting on the couch, his hands cup my butt as I straddle him. I crash my lips to his and grind my hips, sending him crazy as our kiss becomes desperate and full of promise. He stands shakily, lifting me with him & heads to them bedroom. He pushes me up against the wall and grinds his hips to me, letting me know how turned on he is as his hardened cock rubs against my sweet spot, causing me to moan out his name. He kisses me with desperation. I signal for him to put me down, as he does, I move to the closet and take out my new purchases to show him. For the second time tonight, his jaw drops in amusement at what I'm holding in front of him. He examines them for a bit before finally grabbing the handcuffs from me, I throw the rest on the bed as he turns me around slowly, he reaches to undo my zip and removes my bodysuit slowly, kissing his way down my body slowly, he then slips the cuffs on me and does them up, but not too tight. He grabs the blindfold and wraps in around my head and over my eyes. " Is this ok?" he asks, I nod with a smile. He guides me backwards and I feel the bed behind me as he pushes me down. I hear him grab all the other stuff and move them aside as he lays me down gently. " I think I'm going to enjoy this " he says. Suddenly I feel something light touching my skin, sending chills through my whole body. Tobias drags the item down my neck, over my breasts and down my stomach towards my wet pussy. A tingling feeling runs through my body as he continues to tease me with this object. I start to feel desperate for him, I need him to touch me but he doesn't, he just keeps teasing me, building my pleasure with each stroke. I feel his breath in my folds and I stiffen with anticipation but am left frustrated as he pulls away. I can't see what he is doing but I can hear movement around me. He grabs my ankles and pulls my legs out straight, then I feel cuffs being attached to them, I know exactly what that is. I bite my lip in anticipation and excitement. Once he has me secure he pressed the stud and shoves the bar wider so I'm completely open and exposed to him. A feel a sharp bite to my thigh and I moan and writhe against the cuffs, another across my stomach and then my nipples. I realise then, it's the crop. I can feel my juices flowing from me and I can smell my arousal. Tobias continues to flick the crop over my body, gently but enough to create a slight sting. I hear the familiar rip of foil and seconds later, Tobias thrusts his hard length into me, forcing a loud mewl to leave my mouth. I can't move, my hands are bound above my head, as Tobias holds them there, and my ankles are shackled to the spreader bar, its torture but I love it. All of the sudden Tobias pulls out & I groan at the loss of his touch, he flips me over with the spreader bar so I'm on my stomach and he pulls the bar in so my legs are closer together and slams into me with so much force, I move up the bed. He grips my hips as he thrusts into me hard and fast. My body is screaming with pleasure as he slows the pace a little but still thrusting deep, sending me incoherent. He picks up the pace and I moan his name louder as I reach my climax. I scream out Tobias's name as my orgasm rips through me with a shudder. He thrusts a few more times before slumping over me breathing heavily, holding himself up by his elbows so he doesn't crush me. We lay there for a while until we both come back down from our high and get back our senses. He pulls out slowly and discards the condom. He slowly unbinds my ankles and wrists, rubbing them to get the blood flowing again then removes the blindfold from my eyes. I am now staring right into his bright blue orbs, grinning like a fool. " I enjoyed that " I say and pull him down to kiss his soft lips . " So did I, I can't wait to do that again " he responds with lust in his voice. We clean up, putting our new found toys away, shower & head to bed. I had the best sleep I've ever had, a smile on my face and love in my heart.

Initiation has gone smoothly, all of the transfers are still here, amazingly. Joel has made a few inappropriate comments and gestures in the last few weeks but I've ignored them. Tobias, however, has not. We have barely been on the same page the last couple of weeks and things have been real tense between us, but I have no idea why. What have I done? As we enter the training room for the final day, I grab Tobias and pull him aside. " What's going on " I ask, with a little more whine than I intended. He Huff's and says " I just thought you were different" , he walks away shaking his head. We continue with the final testings and head to the cafeteria to eat. Tonight is the Initiation Party & all the girls are getting ready at Chris's while the guys hang at Zeke's. We do each other's make up and hair and get ready. I'm wearing a black halter dress that flows down my body and splits at the front to show my toned long legs, Chris is wearing a pink short strapless dress that shows off her stunningly tanned legs, Mar is in a purple long gown that flawlessly shows her petite figure, Shauna chose a red long sleeved dress that stops mid thigh, and Lynn is in a Black pantsuit. Once we are ready, we head out to the pit to join the guys and party. We arrive at the pit and the first person I see is Joel, I groan as I see him walking towards me with a smirk. I start to walk away in the opposite direction but he grabs my hand and pulls me towards him. He kisses me roughly, I pull away swiftly and punch his nose. He falls to his knees holding his nose trying to stop the blood that gushing from it. " What the hell was that for?" he has the nerve to ask. " Don't touch me, I've told you a thousand times - I have a boyfriend and I'm not interested in you " I spit with disgust. " So why lead me on then, huh ?" He asks with fury. " You don't push me away when I touch you, you don't yell at me when I whisper in your ear, you led me to believe you wanted it!!" He continues and then as I was about to respond he says " where is this so called boyfriend anyway, I never see you around with him, is he your imaginary boyfriend?" He spits. " That would be me & trust me I'm real!" Tobias is beside me and wraps his arm around my waist, pulling me to him. Joel's eyes bulge as he realises what's going on . " I've been waiting weeks for this " Tobias says as he lunges towards Joel with intention to hurt the boy beyond repair. Zeke grabs him just in time while Uriah and Will drag Joel away from us. Tobias glares at me with so much anger and what I can only describe as hate. I cringe under his gaze, something I haven't done since my own initiation. He growls and stalks away from me without a word in my direction, the guys follow. I head with the girls to the bar and plan on getting completely wasted, maybe forget about the last couple of weeks and tonight's events for a while. We sit drinking and talking for a while before the guys finally find us. They get drinks and sit with us, Tobias sitting as far away from me as he can & refusing to even acknowledge my existence. I finish my drink & decide to head home. Alone. I unlock the door and step in as a hand grabs me and pulls me back. I feel a hand over my mouth & something hits me then suddenly everything goes black.

Tobias's POV After Tris leaves, I feel guilty. I know she loves me & wouldn't deliberately hurt me but even I thought she was leading Joel on. She let him say those things, she let him touch her the way only I am able to.....or so I thought. Maybe our relationship is just based on lust , not love, and has now run it's course. I sit with the gang, drinking and talking a bit longer before heading home. We missed pretty much all of the initiate party but I don't care, I only hope Tris is asleep when I get home, I really don't feel like talking at the moment. I reach the apartment and the door is wide open. What the hell!! Was she that drunk, she couldn't even close a door?? I angrily enter, slamming the door behind me, letting Tris know I'm here. I slowly head for the bedroom, I peek in but it's empty. I search to whole place but Tris is nowhere to be found. Dread seeps to my stomach as I think of where she might be. I head to Christina's, sure that's where she would be but Chris is just as clueless as I am. She goes to round up the others so we can search, while I head to the pit, passing by the Chasm to try and find her. An hour later we meet back at the cafeteria, which is completely deserted, with no luck. I start to panic, where the hell is she ? Everyone heads home just in case & I head back to our apartment. I take the long way round so I can think a little. I hear a scream coming from a room in front of me, it sounded familiar but I pay no attention to it and keep moving. As I walk past said room, I hear cries and my name . " Four will kill you when he finds out what you have done ". " He's not gonna find out, cause you are not leaving this room" " Your so delusional, as if he isn't going to find out, it's Four for God's sake, no one so much as farts without him knowing " I let out a slight laugh before it hits me, Joel has Tris & doesn't plan on letting her leave his clutches anytime soon. I sprinted to Zeke's and then Uriah and Will's and quickly explain what going on, we come up with a plan to get her out of there with minimal damage. We all head back to the room where Tris is, ready to play out our plan.

Recap: He's not gonna find out, cause you are not leaving this room" " Your so delusional, as if he isn't going to find out, it's Four for God's sake, no one so much as farts without him knowing " ____________________ Joel snorts and walks out into the lounge room, leaving me to try and think of how to get out of here. While I think, I can hear a shuffle outside the room, then a crash and a thud. Tobias comes into view and gently untied my wrists He pulls me up and clings me to him and we walk through the apartment towards the front door. I see Zeke, Will & Uriah beating Joel, fists and legs flying everywhere. Tobias pulls me out the door and down the hall. He stops a few doors down and stands in front of me, examining me & making sure I'm not hurt before pulling me into a tight embrace. All I can smell is him. I'm safe . I wrap my arms around his waist and rest my head on his chest and sigh. " what's happening to us Tobias ?" I ask, slightly muffled from his shirt. " I'm sorry Tris, I thought you were leading him on too, that you got bored with us & just playing the part out of convenience. When I came home and saw you weren't there, I panicked but I realised that it was all in my head, my own insecurity that one day you will leave me and my damaged ass!" He confesses quietly. I lift my head to look him in the eyes as I say " I like your ass, very much actually. I'm not going anywhere Tobias - I love you . I thought that if I just ignored him he would give up, I had no idea it was doing the opposite until tonight . I'm so sorry " I lay my head back on his chest and I feel his body shake and hear his body rumble as he chuckles. We walk the rest of the way back to the apartment in comfortable silence. As we reach the door, Tobias turns to me and smiles widely, grabs my waist and pulls me to him and kisses me with urgency and desperation. I kiss back, letting him know- we are good. We finally pull apart and head inside. I head to the bedroom to change into Tobias's old shirt and some shorts and join Tobias on the couch. We lay in each others arms on the couch all night, falling asleep comfortably. I wake all hot and I cant move. Tobias is wrapped around me like I'm gonna run away if he lets go. I slowly unwrap him from me and get up, deciding to make breakfast for when he wakes up. I set about making pancakes and fry some bacon. I make coffee and go see if Tobias is awake yet. His eyes are closed and so I kiss him lightly, suddenly he grabs me and places me on top of him, straddling his hips. He opens his eyes grinning like a fool, proud of himself . He runs his hands up my legs and up my arms before pulling me down by my shoulders to kiss me. We kiss slowly, our lips moving in perfect sync. We pull back to get air and I tell him to come eat and get off him, he groans loudly and flops back on the couch defeated . I pull him up onto his feet and drag him into the kitchen, handing him coffee while motioning for him to sit. We sit and eat in silence, stealing glances here and there. I get up to clean the dishes and Tobias stands behind me, kissing behind my ear, then slowly down my neck to my collar bone. I moan, it has been weeks since we've had this kind of contact and I missed it, I missed him & I missed us !! He picks me up and places me on the bench with my legs wrapped around him. He kisses me with heated passion, I wrap my arms around his neck and run my hands through his hair . He plays with the hem of my shirt before just ripping it off me . He kisses along my collar bone and moves down to my nipple and takes it in his mouth & lightly bites it. I almost convulse, but I recover quickly as his hands roam to remove my shorts . I have to sit up slightly so he can slide them off me , he discards them somewhere behind him and wastes no time by immediately finding my clit & runs gentle circles around it while he kisses me hard. I moan and writhe under him. " Fuck me Tobias " He growls and I fumble to pull his sweatpants off him but as I do, he pushes his cock hard into my dripping wet pussy and relently thrusts in and out , keeping a steady punishing pace that has me building towards my orgasm quickly. He flexes his hips one more time and I let the euphoria that is my orgasm rip through me as Tobias follows, growling my name. We stay there a little while as we recover, but then Tobias' whole body stiffens. He pulls out and heads for the bathroom without a word. I'm left sitting on the counter confused at what just happened. I jump off the counter and head to the bathroom, I need to know what just happened. I reach the bathroom and see Tobias sitting on the edge of the bath with his head in his hands . I slowly approach him and kneel in front of him and grab his hands in mine . He looks up at me and sighs. " I didn't use a condom " he states sadly. I look down as the realization of what he said stinks in . Shit! I stare at the floor with panic, Tobias puts a finger under my chin to guide my head up so I'm looking at him, he looks at me with pure love and I see a tear threatening to fall . " I'm not ready to be a father, but if it happens, we get through it together " he says with a small smile. I smile up at him and crash my lips to his, trying to convey just how much I love him with this simple action. We eventually decide to shower together, washing each other thoroughly before getting out and getting ready for the day. The group decided to go paintballing today so were on the trian heading to Amity where the Paintball field is. We jump off right before the fence that divides us and the Amity farms and walk up to the gate. As we get there I see Joel and Jack standing guard, they see us and Joel smirks in my direction. I grab Tobias by the hand tightly as Will and Zeke make small talk with Jack . Joel makes his way to Tobias and I, he quietly whispers " she will be mine, just you see " onto Tobias' ear. Tobias clenches his jaw and his grip tightens around my hand but not enough to really hurt me . " touch her and you die " Tobias responds with venom. Joel laughs and moves back to his post, we push past him & enter the gate to Amity for some paintball fun.

My alarm buzzes and I move to turn it off. I realise I'm alone in bed, Tobias must have already left for work. I lazily stretch and get up to make coffee. As I reach the kitchen, I scream as I see someone sitting at the table. " hey, relax it's just me " he comes and hugs me to calm me down. " I thought you left already" I say into his chest. He chuckles " today is Saturday, no work remember " . Hmph, why the hell would I set an alarm for Saturday?! The it hits me - I have an appointment with the doctor today. After our scare a few weeks ago, I decided I really needed the pill. I quickly get changed and head to the infirmary for my appointment, Tobias wanted to come but I thought it better I do this on my own so he was heading out to hang with the boys at Uriah's. All goes well with my appointment and I'm set for the next 3 months. I head back to the apartment but decide to drop by and see Chris, we haven't seen each other much lately, with work and everything. As I knock on her door, i hear loud moans coming from inside. I know Will was supposed to be with the others so I knocked out of curiosity. I hear a lot of shuffling and whispering , but then a flushed Christina answers the door wearing an old tshirt and , what I can only assume, are Will's boxers. " Hey Tris, um....I'm a little busy right now, can we catch up later ?" she asks, looking behind her but hiding behind the semi opened door. " sure " I say and turn to walk home. Maybe Will decided to stay home today instead of hanging with the guys. I pass the guys on the way back I notice that Will is with them. I look at him with confusion & then realisation. Chris is cheating on Will. Shit, shit, shit. I cant let Will walk into that. I try and engage him in some mindless small talk but he was on to my game. " Tris, stop! What's going on?" I look to Tobias and he looks as puzzled as the others. Will and I dont do small talk. I sigh and let him past me and the others follow, Tobias kisses my cheek as he goes past me with a wink. I lean against the wall and sigh. Any minute now Will is going to come back around that corner and I'm in trouble . I should go home but it would be futile, he would just knock down our door. Sure enough, a few minutes later, a now enraged Will is running towards me with murder is his eyes and Tobias hot on his heels. Tobias catches him before he get to me and the others help hold him back. " You knew & you didn't tell me, I thought you were better than that Tris " he yells at me. Tears spring to my eyes and threaten to fall but I quickly wipe them away before they get the chance. I will not cry, I only knew for a mere 5 minutes more than he did. " I only just realised it when I saw you with the guys, I dropped by to see Chris and I heard what I thought sounded like moans that stopped when I knocked on the door. Chris answered and said she was busy so I was just walking home instead when I saw you guys & that's why I was trying to stop you. I wanted to warn you first, but in the end, it wasn't my place & I think Christina deserves what's coming to her for this act. " is all I can say. Will relaxes and the guys back off, Tobias coming beside me, just in case, sliding his arm around my waist and holds me securely. " I'm sorry Tris. This isn't your fault. I should've known, she has been distant and quiet at home. I should've seen it coming really. Good thing Four is a fast runner " he says with a smirk at the last part. Tobias growls lowly so only I can hear it & it makes me giggle. Hold up , giggle- I do not giggle , what the hell is happening to me ? Ugh! His grip tightens around my waist slightly as he turns to Will and the guys " We're going to head home, sorry about Christina, Will. Catch up with you guys later. Let's go Tris". He walks briskly away from the guys, pulling me lightly behind him. He doesn't let go until we reach home. " Well, that was unexpected " Tobias says as he plops on the couch, pulling me down with him so I'm in his lap. I snuggle into his chest and rest my head on his shoulder, inhaling his scent. " I wonder who it is " I enquire, hoping Tobais had seen him and could shed some light. " I dunno, it all went so fast, Will all but ran back to the apartment and by the time we got there, he was already yelling and running back out the door towards you, I just took off right behind him, and I'm glad I did. Had he have touched you, it would have made the whole situation worse " he says as he brushes his fingers through my hair & I sigh , enjoying his touch and warmth. We head to bed shortly after, Tobias's arms wrapped protectively around me & I drift off feeling safe and loved. I never want this feeling to end.

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