starzeeLoves to write poems and stories..
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I always do things that I like to do whether it's a crazy stuff too.I always hope to cling on the people I respect and love the most. I value people the most than anyone. Let's know about ourself


Nothing much... I didn't think so far... but i would like to do something meaningful..


I get lot of weird dreams when I'm sleeping but this dream is what I hoped when I'm awake. I would love to make a tour around the world....along with my friends!!


I believe that whatever happens ,happens for our good. And enjoy life however it is because we are the main characters of our own life..

The night sky

The night sky is what i look at the most. I like the night sky the most but let's say the nature's elements the most. I suggest people to look the surroundings the most. Love the sky the most...

My Color-Black

I favor the color black the most. Because it seems to me that it doesn't show its pride. Though it's fully filled you can't see anything cause it doesn't show anything.... that's what I believe.

The most lovable thing

I love to read books and get new knowledge..

One day

one day i would like to publish my poems and stories....

Look forward

look forward!! be positive... that's what i say to myself.... please look forward for my poems and short stories and slides about random topics...till then ....taking leave............StarZee

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you sound really caring!!! welcome :)

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keep at it!!! you're doing amazing work!