"I am just your imagination" A haikyu male x male story part 1
"I am just your imagination" A haikyu male x male story part 1 haikyu stories

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"Hey do you believe in spirits"

"Isn't it just a imagination?"

"Some peoples think it is but even if you forget dead people you can't forget the memories"

Farah present,
A SakuAtsu story
I Am Just Your Imagination

Sakusa Kiyoomi is as gloomy as ever until he meets Miya Atsumu who is as cheerful as the sun. but the strange thing is living with Atsumu feels a lot familiar. It feels like he know him but still ignores the fact. Will this two make it to the end .

"I am just your imagination" A haikyu male x male story part 1

Sakusa was as gloomy as ever. Everyday he is getting distance of people because of his Germophobia (dunno if its wrong). He only let's his family touch him.

In a cold winter , he thought of going for a walk. It was still 5 in the morning so there weren't many peoples in the park which was good for Sakusa.

He kept walking as he sighed, "why everybody tells me to get rid of this habit or i can't love someone".

He kept mumbling to himself "why do you need to touch someone if you love him cant you show your love through emotions and talk".

As he walked by he saw someone laying on the bench wearing a plain T-shirt. "Who would wear only a T-shirt in this cold?". As he got close to this person he shouted, "hey! are you alive?".

Atsumu woke in an instant staring with a shocked face towards Sakusa. "Are you talking to me?" Atsumu said. "Does it look like there is any other people here".

Sakusa then asked, "What are you doing here in this cold?". Atsumu was nervous as he answered, "I-uh..... I got kicked out of my house!" Sakusa felt pity towards Atsumu.

He thought if he leaves Atsumu here he will probably die in the cold so Sakusa gave Atsumu an offer.

"How about you stay at my house".


"I'm just giving you an offer but you can't touch anything without sanitizing your hands".

Atsumu answered, "Sure!" with a warm smile on his face. Sakusa's eyes were glowing as they captured something precious.

At home, "Hey you! I've never got your name. I'm Sakusa Kiyoomi"

"I'm Miya Atsumu" Sakusa looked at Atsumu with a question mark on his face.

"Is something wrong?".

"No your name just seems familiar".

"I guess a lot of people have this name"

"Probably' as he walked by he asked Atsumu to step inside but Atsumu didn't.

"Why aren't you coming??"

"Nothing, I just zoned out"


Atsumu came in and started looking, "say, this a two-story building right?"

"yes". Sakusa walked of saying "go take a shower and here are some clothes. I am going to practice". Atsumu was staring blankly as if he heard it before.

Sometimes later he asked, "may I ask what practice?". Sakusa replied, "the national vollyball team of Japan, I practice there".

Atsumu's eyes glazed as he said, "ok, I'll go take a shower have a good day! Omi-Omi."

As Atsumu left Sakusa's heart skipped a beat while tears ran through his eyes. "Doki-Doki?! tears?!". "What is this feeling? It feels like I've heard it before".

Sakusa wiped his tears and left for practice. Meanwhile with Atsumu, "Omi-Omi said the clothes were here". There was a big sweater in blue color was laying on the couch.

" oop, it probably would'nt fit but that's okay since its Omi-Omi's clothes". While Atsumu sat down in the couch he founded a badge saying "Royal" on it hanging on the wall.

He smiled at it saying, "Omi-Omi kept it hehe"

Meanwhile with Sakusa

Kageyama: Hinata boke! spike it properly.

Hinata: I can't I-I'm going to the bathroom.

Bokuto: Akaashii!! I want to see you it's been an hour already

Sakusa's mind: Tch! as chaotic as ever but why do i feel like something is missing?.

As the coach entered he said, " today we will take a group photo everybody on position".

Hinata: Kageyama look at my pose!

Kageyama: shut up boke! and smile.

Bokuto: *Emo mode* Akaashi hang up the phone.

Beside Sakusa was an empty seat so he asked the coach " coach is there someone missing beside me?". Everybody went on silent.

Sometimes after the silence the coach said, " It probably was a mistake".

After the practice Sakusa started walking towards home. He saw a ramen shop on the side.

His eyes flashed back reminding him a scene there was a blurry person saying,

" Omi-Omi let's go eat ramen they are my favorite" Even though Sakusa never ate outside he started craving for ramens today. He quickly ran toward home.

After reaching home without thinking he was about to grab Atsumu's hand but Atsumu moved saying, " You'll get germs it's better if you not touch me" Sakusa came back to his senses.

"Oh, wanna go eat some ramen?"

At first Atsumu was happy but then he answered, " I've already ate Omi-Omi" Sakusa found it strange but he ignored it and went to eat. " You can sleep on the guest room"

Atsumu replied, "Ok! Omi-Omi" and again a shot circuit ran through Sakusa's head but he ignored it thinking its probably lack of sleep.

There first day went on with Sakusa sleeping on upstairs in his room meanwhile Atsumu on downstairs in the guest room.

The next morning Sakusa waked up, washed his face and came out of the room seeing Atsumu cooking something. Sakusa ran downstairs asking Atsumu, what he is cooking?.

He gently replied, "omelette with seaweed".

Sakusa got shock circuit again. "Ugh! what's happening?". Sakusa again ignored it but he was shocked too since that is his favorite dish.

Sakusa asked, "how do you know, that's my favorite food?". Atsumu smiled warmly and started cooking again. Sakusa stared at Atsumu as his heart skip another best.

"Food is ready!".

"Your not gonna eat?".

"I'm fine Omi-Omi I already ate".

"Ok then let's eat".

"Say Omi-Omi do you have to go to practice today?".

"No, why?".

"Wanna go to the park near Tokyo tower?".


Atsumu smiled hearing that answer and said, " let's go then!". Sakusa also smiled a little seeing Atsumu so cheerful.

After they reached the park they started walking. As they kept walking they're distance closed. "Omi-Omi have you ever loved someone?".

Sakusa didn't mind and answered "probably but it seems like I can't remember". Atsumu gently smiled and ran towards a bench. He stood up on the bench.

Leaves were falling behind him as the wind blows. Sakusa got confused and asked " what are you doing on the bench?". Atsumu looked at him and shouted,

"Sakusa Kiyoomi I'll make you fall for me again!".

Sakusa's brain shock circuited again while his face was becoming crimson red. "I-I don't know what you are talking a-about let's go!".

Atsumu got down and smiled seeing Sakusa shy "say Omi-Omi do you like waters".


"Then come with me in the train I'll take you somewhere".

As Atsumu ran Sakusa chased behind him. They got in a train which was full of people so it was hard for Sakusa. 10 minutes later they got down.

"Where are we?"

"You'll see just follow me"

Sakusa had no clue after a while later they reached a place which was like a forest there was a big river. Sakusa kept staring at the flowing river, " This place kinda looks familiar".

Atsumu suddenly picked up some water and started saying,

"you know Omi-Omi life is like water it flows wherever fate takes it"

Sakusa stared with a confused face.

"Omi-Omi pretend in life your the water I'm the flow. If you don't match the flow you'll get separated."

Sakusa gazed at Atsumu as he felt his heart aching and tears coming through his eyes. Atsumu looked up and got shocked to see Sakusa crying.

"Why whenever I'm with you it feels like this. I don't like it"

Atsumu got up and said "don't worry I won't say it anymore. Wanna go to the ramen shop?"



After they reached the ramen shop

"Omi-Omi you eat I'll be back and don't worry I don't feel like eating."

Sakusa found it strange but he ordered one ramen and started eating. after eating he went outside and saw Atsumu standing. They both started heading towards home.

As they walked Sakusa said, "I never asked you but why did your family kicked you out?"

Atsumu smiled and said, " you'll know soon Omi-Omi"

As Sakusa was walking he thought this man beside him never touch him and whenever he is with him he dosen't feel uncomfortable just who is he?.

Sakusa kept thinking the same thing and didn't realize they reached their home.

As soon as he was stepping inside Sakusa's phone rang it was Bokuto. "Go ahead Omi-Omi pick the phone up I'll go inside"

*On the phone*

B: Hey! Hey! Hey! wanna come for a party held by the coaches tonight?

S: Sure! can I bring someone?

B: Yep! who is it?

S: A guy named Miya Atsumu.

Bokuto was silent for a while then he said, " I think you're tired you should get some rest ( me too) we'll do the party later".


As he got in he saw Atsumu watching an old tape from the vollyball match. Sakusa went upstairs changed his dress and got downstairs. He sat beside Atsumu, " do you like vollyball?"

" A lot!"

Sakusa smiled "let's watch it then". They started watching it and didn't realized it was night.

Atsumu looked and Sakusa and saw he was asleep so Atsumu put a blanket on him and continue watching. That day ended like that.

( note: this story is in the past it's like someone is telling you this and it wasn't that great since I wasn't feeling well hope u enjoy!)

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