Interview with @notexactlyhuman!
Interview with @notexactlyhuman! interview stories

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Today' s interview with @notexactlyhuman! DM me for a chance to be interviewed(or just comment i want to be interviewed :D)

Interview with @notexactlyhuman!

Hello! We are back with another interview with @notexactlyhuman! Okay 1st question- What are your favourite books on Commaful? __________________________________

Response- I really enjoyed reading @dodo07's Undead series and I also love @goldenpheonix's and @mere_hufflepuff's Harry Potter fanfic! __________________________________

I also love @dodo07's Undead too! Next question- What writing style do you like to write? __________________________________

Response: I mainly write fiction and fantasy __________________________________

I love fantasy, I also like thriller books Next question- If you could be any object, what would you be?__________________________________

Response: I would probably be a book because it would be fun to have a whole other world inside you! __________________________________

That would be cool! I feel like a lot of people would say that so i probably need to change the question slightly XD Last question!- Who is your favourite Commafulian? __________________________________

Response: My favorite Commafulian is definitely @dodo07. She's this amazing writer and one of the most awesome friends I've ever had! __________________________________

I definitely agree with you! That's all but hopefully tomorrow we will have another interview! Comment your thoughts, advice etc. DM me if you want to be interviewed! See you next time :D

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