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dear future spouse: married stories

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a letter to whoever the poor soul is who marries me one day

dear future spouse:

you’re going to have a lot to learn, buddy.

first off,

i’m a mess.

and i’m so, so, SO loud. and musically driven, so i’ll always be yelling some obscure lyric or blasting some super sad lil peep or billie eilish song while baking you cookies (which i also love to do) :). (but you’ll know when i’m upset because then, i’m very quiet and not-so-talkative)

i’m ALSO, quite insecure, very emotional (so please cuddle and comfort me),

VERY short tempered, (i’m very passionate about A LOt of things, and i just plain have a bad temper. don’t worry though, all i’ll do is cry)

also im just very short. 5’1” to be exact, so i’ll need your help reaching tall things. especially too tall things, because i’m afraid of heights. and the dark. and spiders. and everything else basically.

anyways, the order i put/say things in makes NO sense at all, and i forget very important pieces of the story, so be ready to piece whaTever i babble out together yourself,

and believe me, i WILL talk your ears off. but i do love to make people smile and laugh and just make them happy in general, so i’m always cracking a joke.

i could use some braces, (i actually have a slight problem w saying the letter s b/c of the gap between my front teeth. nothing major, just quirky)

and my laugh sounds like a hyena just heard the joke of the century.

my hair is super curly and frizzy all the time,

and it will tickle whenever i’m not watching myself and accidentally rub it against your face. (but a plus, i love playing w/ hair and i love people playing w/ mine)

i’m black and white biracial, and don’t worry, that’s not the last time you’ll hear that,

trust me.

i will go on and on about my pet peeve being people telling me i’m not black because i don’t look it. (“whattt, nah. you’re def. mexican”)

also, my allergies are very sensitive (dust, pollen, particulate matter, especially) so i’ll always be sneezing because i remember to take my daily allergy medicine like once a week maybe ?

moving on, i’m terrible at math (20 ACT sub score, oops),

but i’m pretty good at english (35 ACT sub score).


i’m pretty academically driven,

so i’ll always want to be learning something new.

oh, and i’ll forever be babbling on about psychology. neuropsychology, specifically, my future career of choice.

i’m quite booksmart if i do say so myself,

but i have absolutely 0 (zero) common sense.

maybe -1 common sense. (just kidding, but i don’t make the smartest decisions at times. please guide me.)

let’s see, what else?


i love to cuddle,

hold hands,

all that fun stuff. (occasionally i need my space,

but legitimately that’s like .05% of the time okay)

AND, i L O V E flowers. wanna make my day? literally just tell me you love and appreciate me, or get me flowers, or like do anything nice really. (honestly my day would be made spending it with you, future spouse, but just in case.)

i’m a morning person, so sorry in advance when i can only stay up until 10pm but i’ll get up as early as 5am some days to watch the sun rise.

i’ll be very supportive of anything you do,

and i’ll always encourage you to be your best.

oh, and i almost forgot.


we NEED to adopt dogs.

i’m actually obsessed with them.

a pug please, and a great dane are good.

to start with. :)

and last thing, i WILL steal ALL the pillows, and i talk in my sleep. :)

good luck. 🤦‍♀️😂

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