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tonight’s the first night in 2wks i’m not doing hw until my bedtime, oof.


you are my world.

my galaxy.

my universe.

every time you look at me,

it’s like i can’t move.

every time you touch me,

it sends chills up my spine.

you’re electric.

i’m so,


so in love with you.

..and you know what’s funny?

i don’t remember falling in love with you.

i just remember,

one day,

holding your hand tight,

realizing how badly it was going to hurt when i had to let it go.

i remember the first day i saw you -

i forgot how to breathe.

nearly every day since then i’ve woken up and fell asleep wanting nothing but you.

wanting nothing but to fall asleep and wake up with you.

heaven is wherever i am with you.

you heal my scars - you make me feel beautiful.

every time you look in my direction,

i can feel it.

like a sixth sense.

and something just courses through my veins.

it’s like a high,

like a burn. a slow, satisfying burn.

like playing with fire.

and what’s the point of playing with fire if it doesn’t burn a little?

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