A Letter to My. Yesterday.
A Letter to My. Yesterday. letter stories

starsandshadows my soul is dancing in the void
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A letter to my past and current self about pain and living.

A Letter to My. Yesterday.

You may think that running way

is the salve to the broken soul

or that forgetting it all

can heal your memories

but they come back

eventually, quietly, surely,

appearing as scars

real. here. and present

the pain always remains

in tears, smiles, cheers

yesterday is always present

but, my dear dreamer,

so is today.

you are alive in this day

you are here

living, breathing, existing

broken, yes, and still whole

imperfect, and beautiful

scarred, and healing

living as time flows

encased in the arms of the clock

and eternal in the universe

my yesterday is present;

and in this present, I also am.

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